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Turnitin for Staff

Turnitin is integrated within each Moodle unit to help you manage the assessment process. Students are required to submit identified assessment tasks to Turnitin, which then gives them the opportunity to modify and improve their assignment before their final submission.

Advantages of using Turnitin:
• Shows the origin of matched text
• Provides accurate statistics
• Saves time
• Provides a comprehensive evaluation
• Gives a variety of feedback methods for each assignment
• Integrates with Moodle

Turnitin searches the Internet, online journal databases and assessment tasks submitted to Turnitin by other students to determine possible matches in assignments.

NOTE: It’s important to remember that Turnitin does not compare text with printed materials such as books and print journals. Those will still need to be checked manually by you.

A completed cover sheet, which includes ticking the Intellectual Property Statement, is required for all assignment submissions as it acknowledges that students have given permission for Turnitin to check and store their work.

Some helpful resources
• Alleged Academic Misconduct Process/ Academic Integrity Policy 
• Turnitin Instructor Resource Hub 


Can I rely on Turnitin to pick up all plagiarism?
No. Turnitin only matches text. It is up to you to determine whether a student has referenced correctly. Remember that Turnitin does not pick up printed material, such as books from the library and print journals.

Are student papers kept confidential?
Yes, they must be kept confidential. As a member of the Avondale University staff you are not permitted to share an assignment with other members of the public, or to staff from other institutions.

Where do I find Turnitin?
You don’t need to look anywhere for Turnitin. It is incorporated into Moodle

How does Turnitin work?
The lecturer creates an assignment in Moodle. Students or lecturers then submit papers to Turnitin via file upload or cut-and-paste. A report is generated highlighting the non-original material in your assignment.

How long does it take to get a report?
The first submission may only take 15 minutes, but subsequent submissions may take 24 hours or more.

What is a Similarity Score?
The Similarity Score is a percentage of material in the assignment that has been matched from other sources. There is no need to be unnecessarily concerned about a high score, as Turnitin picks up things like:

• Book titles
• Quotes (which are allowed so long as they have been acknowledged)
• The cover page
• The assignment question
• Names of authors
• The reference list
• Common phrases and so on

The Similarity Score shows the percentage of non-original material in the assignment. The Originality Report highlights where the matches are.

Can a reference list be excluded from the report?
Yes. You can click the ‘Exclude Bibliography’ button in the top left hand corner of the Originality Report. This doesn’t change the Similarity Score, but the report can now be examined without this included.

How many times can an assignment be submitted?
That’s up to you.

The options are:
• Generate reports immediately, first report is final (Only one submission allowed)
• Generate reports immediately, reports can be overwritten until due date (Multiple submissions allowed until the due date. Originiality reports are given immediately the first time, and then in 24 hours for subsequent submissions. No late submissions are allowed)
• Generate reports on due date (Reports will not be generated until the due date. Resubmissions are not possible unless the lecturer deletes the first assignment)

How does a student submit an assignment?
Where do I go for help?

What about group projects?
You must impress on students that only one person from each group should submit the paper. If each group member submits the same assignment, Turnitin will return a 100% match!

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