Welcome to Manifest, a movement exploring, encouraging and celebrating #faithfulcreativity. Manifest is coordinated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the South Pacific through Avondale University College.



News about Manifest and about faithful creativity.
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Passion, honesty keys for creatives

Faithful creatives should use the “trailblazing” spirit of pioneering filmmaker Gabe Reynaud to tell stories that matter, says the recipient of Manifest’s most prestigious award.

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Photographer’s wild heart

A photographer whose faith called him from pastor of the Written to the Created Word of God will receive Manifest’s most prestigious award this year.

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Faithful creativity in our own words

A couple who share their creativity in children’s ministry and production locally and internationally are recipients of Manifest’s most prestigious award this year. Manifest Co-Convenor Nathan Brown asks Rod and Zan Long about Jesus. All. in the context of faithful creativity.

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