Creative Arts Festival

The Manifest Creative Arts Festival was an annual event from 2011 to 2015. Sponsored by Adventist Media Network, Signs Publishing and Avondale University, the festival was held at Avondale's Lake Macquarie campus over a weekend in March and celebrated faithful creativity through performances, competitions and awards.


The Manifest Creative Arts Festival is where “the arts meets faith.”The festival seeks to:

  • Celebrate the role creative arts plays in faith and in ministry
  • Develop interest and skills in creative arts
  • Build community among creative artists
  • Glorify God, the ultimate Creator who blesses us with creative gifts


The Manifest Creative Arts Festival competitions were open to all attendees and members of Seventh-day Adventist churches or staff members and students of Seventh-day Adventist schools or colleges and universities in the South Pacific.

All entries were required to reflect Christian values and any theme as stated in the terms and condititons of the competitions. Competitions included:
  • Avondale University Fine Arts Photography Competition ($500 prize)
  • Avondale Conservatorium Choral and Instrumental Music Composing Competition ($500 prize)
  • Hope Channel Filmmaking Competition ($500 prize)
  • Psalter Music Songwriting Competition (Prize: two days at Psalter Studios with producer/engineer - worth $1500)
  • Signs Publishing Writing Competition ($500 prize)