ONE MISSION aims to mobilise volunteers of Avondale College and the community by providing carefully selected community development projects within Australia and developing countries around the world. In doing so, individuals are enabled to share valuable resources and expertise in a world outside their own. By reaching out in service, proactive volunteers will gain as much as they give through new understanding, new friendships and a greater love for the people in our world.

ONE MISSION is ready to accept individuals who would like to make a commitment in serving others. To experience a life changing adventure in service, please contact us.

To eliminate the duplication of services ONE strives to cooperate with like-minded groups and organizations. In forming these cooperatives, ONE is better able to work closely with local people in providing practical support and developmental assistance to communities in need.

ONE MISSION is an endorsed initiative of Avondale College and the Adventist Volunteer Service in the South Pacific Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

To make a donation, visit