Higher Education Research Data Collection 2003

Refereed Journal Articles

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Refereed Conference Proceedings

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Bradford, G.S. (2003). Prophets are human. Warburton, Vic.: Signs Publishing

Non-refereed Articles

de Berg, K. C. (2003). The Christian and environmental issues. Christian Spirituality and Science: Issues in the Contemporary World, 4, pp. 3-4.

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Other - Awards And Honours

Morton, D. (2003). Fitness Industry Author of the Year Award.

Editor, Academic/Professional Journal

de Berg, K. C. (2003) Christian spirituality and science: Issues in the contemporary world. Cooranbong, NSW: Avondale Academic Press.

Steele, A. (2003). Journal of the International Communication Training Institute. Cooranbong NSW: Avondale Academic Press.

Exhibition of Original Art

Collis, A. (July-September 2003). Looking in, looking out. Exhibition of original art. Gosford Regional Gallery.

Dehn, S. (20 September 2003). New beginnings. Exhibition of original art. Avondale Memorial, Cooranbong, NSW.

Supervision of Research

Gosling, T. (2003). The parish nurse's lived experience of promoting health and wellness in Australian church communities. Successful Master of Nursing (Hons) Thesis supervised by M. I. Anderson & A. Gibbons.

Batten, S. (2003). Competitive sport, self-efficacy and academic achievement: A multiple regression analysis involving Secondary School Students in Seventh-day Adventist Schools. Successful Honours thesis supervised by P Beamish and M Coulson.

Harder, J. (2003). Soft options or practical reality? A study of practical course options for HSC students in SDA schools in NSW. Successful Honours thesis supervised by C Sonter and M Coulson.

McClintock, K. (2003). Attitudes toward personal appearance and use of chemical substances. Successful Honours thesis supervised by C E Greive.

Nichols, R. (2003). An ideological reading of Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories using critical literacy. Successful Honours thesis supervised by Daniel Reynaud and M Coulson.

Potter, M. (2003). Developing a Masters Degree Program: A case study in organisational operation and development. Successful Master of Education project supervised by M Coulson.

Randall, H. (2003). Catering for International students: The experiences of first-year Asian and North American Students at a Rural University. Successful Honours thesis supervised by C E Greive.

Use of chemical substances by secondary students in Christian schools. Successful Honours thesis supervised by C. E. Grieve.

Australian Postgraduate Award

Morton, J. K. (2003). The functional role of Wrasses (Pisces, Labridae) in temperate rocky reef ecosystems. Australian Postgraduate Award provided for Doctor of Philosophy in the School of Science and Technology, University of Newcastle.

Examination of Theses for other Institutions

Compensating for cognitive deficits in students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Doctoral thesis examined by M Cozens for Central Queensland University, 2003.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency Issues in Vegetarians and in other Selected At-Risk Groups, PhD thesis examined by R. Pearce for the University of Newcastle, 2003.

Teacher Response to Curriculum Change in an Australian non-Government School System, EdD thesis examined by L. Devine for the University of New South Wales, 2003.

Plasma volume expansion 24 hours post-exercise: Re-hydration timing and dehydration level. Masters thesis examined by D. Morton for the Waikato Institute of Technology, New Zealand, 2003.

Competitive sport, self-efficacy and academic achievement, Honours thesis examined by D. Morton, for Avondale University, 2003.