Higher Education Research Data Collection 2006


A2 - Authored

Bradford, G. (2006). People are human: Look what they did to Ellen White. Warburton, Vic: Signs Publishing

McIver, R. (2006). Beyond the Da Vinci Code: Exposing myths and lies about Jesus and Christianity. Nampa, ID: Pacific Press.

Morton, D. (2006). Seven secrets for feeling fantastic. Warburton, Vic.: Signs Publishing Company.

B1 Chapter in a scholarly book

Anderson, M., Simpson, G., Mok., M. C., Parmenter, T. R. (2006). A contemporary model for understanding family functioning and the psychological distress in relatives of people with severe traumatic brain injury. In D. Johns (Ed.). Stress and its impact on society (pp. 23-57). New York: Nova Science.

C1 Refereed article in a scholarly journal

De Berg, K. C. (2006). The kinetic-molecular and thermodynamic approaches to osmotic pressure: A study of dispute in physical chemistry and the implications for chemistry education. Science and Education 15 (5), pp. 495-519.

De Berg, K. C. (2006). Chemistry and the pendulum: What have they to do with each other?. Science and Education 15 (6), pp. 619-641.

De Berg, K. C. (2006). What happens when salt dissolves in water?: An introduction to scientific argument and counter argument drawn from the history of science. Teaching Science 52 (1), pp. 24-27.

De Berg, K. C. (2006). The status of constructivism in chemical education research and its relationship to the teaching and learning of the concept of idealisation in chemistry. Foundations of Chemistry 8 (2), pp. 153-176.

Poljak, A., Grant, R., et al (2006). Inhibition of indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase activity by H2O2. Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 450 (2006), pp. 9-19.

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Reynaud, D. (2006). South Pacific cultures and the concept and practice of history. Journal of Pacific Adventist History 6 (1), pp. 5-10.

Reynaud, D. (2006). The effectiveness of Australian film propaganda for the war effort 1914-1918. Screening the Past 20, pp. 1-10.

Salecich, J., & Watts, J. (2006). The nature and worth of chaplaincy services in Queensland state schools. Journal of Christian education 49 (3)., pp. 7-20.

Watts, J., & Hanley, J. (2006). A hermeneutic case study approach to exploring continuing ethos in religious institutions. Journal of Catholic School Studies 78 (1), pp. 114-124.

C3 Non-refereed journal article

Morton, D. (2006). The dreaded stitch revisited. Sports Coach, 328, pp. 22-23.

Morton, D. (2006).The stitch. Sports Dietitians Australia, 47, pp. 1-3.

D Major Reviews

McIver, R. (2006). Review of John Riches and David C Sim (Eds.)., The Gospel of Matthew in tis Roman imperial context. Published in the Review of Biblical Literature [http://www.bookreviews.org].

McIver, R. (2006). Review of Ulrich Luz, Studies in Matthew. Published in the Review of Biblical Literature [http://www.bookreviews.org].

Morton, D. (2006). Review of article Caffeine has little effect on 5 km running performance of well-trained recreational runners. Review for the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport.

Patrick, A. (2006). Adventist Studies: An Annotated Introduction for Higher Degree Students, May 2006, 18 page booklet.

Young, N. (2006). Review of article by Iutisone Salevao, Legitimation I the letter to the Hebrews: The construction and maintenance of a symbolic universe (JSNTSup, 2921; London: Sheffield Academic Press, 2002) in Biblical Interpretation 14, 217-219.

E1 Full written refereed conference paper

Greive, C., & De Berg, K. C. (2006, 25-28 August). Attitudinal changes associated with changes in the learning environment: Preservice nurses���¢�¯�¿�½�¯�¿�½ understandings of fluid physics. Published in the proceedings of the 4th international conference on Science and Mathematics and Technology Education, Curtin University of Technology, Perth,

E2 Full written non-refereed conference paper

De Berg, K. C. (2006, 15-18 July). Writing historical case studies for science students which give due consideration to teaching-learning issues and nature of science perspectives. Published in the proceedings of the 8th international HPST conference, University of Leeds, England.

McIver, R. (2006, Nov 20). An evaluation of the reliability of the synoptic traditions based on investigations into the long-term reliability of eyewitness memories. Paper presented to the Mapping Memory: Tradition, Texts and Identity Consultation Conference hosted by the Biblical Literature meetings held in Washington DC.

E5 Poster Presentation

Pearce, R., Grant, R., Greive, C., Hokin, B., Morey, P. (2006). Vegetarian eating and adolescent cognitive function: Preliminary results from a study in selected NSW independent schools. Nutrition and Dietetics 63 (1). Refereed abstract and poster presented at the 24th National Conference of the Dietitians' Association of Australia, Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre 11-13 May.

J1 Major written or recorded work

Bradford, G. (2006). CD-ROM with Professor G. Bradford Publications. http://www.biblicalperspectives.com.

Dennis, R. (2006) CD of Concert at the University of Newcastle Conservatorium of Music (46 minutes).

Dennis, R. (2006, July) The Promise, a CD recorded at Avondale University Studio (43 minutes).

Morton, D. (2006). Eight Part Series of resources for the World-wide SDA church on the topic of exercise. Includes power point presentations and facilitators' notes.

J2 Minor written or recorded work

Dennis, R. (2006, December) CD recorded at Loma Linda University, California (15 minutes).

Rickett, C. (2006, 23 March). Truth. In J. Beveridge., D. Brooks, A. Jerran., R. Lowing., & J Wargren. Phoenix: The University of Sydney Writers Journal 2006. Sydney: Sydney University Press.

Rickett, C. (2006). Sometimes. In J. Beveridge., D. Brooks, A. Jerran., R. Lowing., & J Wargren. Phoenix: The University of Sydney Writers Journal 2006. Sydney: Sydney University Press.

M External Grants >$5,000

$5,001 Rickett, C., Gordon, J., & Beveridge, J. (2006). New leaves writing project: A pilot study of the potential benefits of writing poetry for people who have experienced or are experiencing life threatening illness and who have or are receiving treatment at Sydney Adventist Hospital, $5,000 awarded by Australasian Research Institute.

McIver, R. (2006). Giving patterns amongst West Australian Seventh-day Adventists over 2006-2007, $10,800 awarded by Western Australian Conference of SDAs.

N Award/Recognition for Research

Anderson, M., Simpson, G., Mok, M. C., Parmenter, T. R. (2006). Certificate in recognition of quality research design. Awarded by the Centre for Assessment and Research Development, the Hong Kong Institute of Education for a paper The effects of neuro-behavioural impairments on family functioning and the psychological well-being of relatives of people with severe traumatic rain injury: A mixed method approach.