WARP and Research Points

Weighted Average Research Publication (WARP)

A WARP rate is calculated by the average of research points over a 3-year and 5-year period. An academic will therefore have a 3-year and a 5-year WARP.


The use of a WARP must state whether it is 3 or 5-year WARP and the last year of reference used in calculating the said WARP e.g. a 2013 5-year WARP of 1.2

WARPs contribute to the research active status of academic staff at Avondale. The strategic target for academic staff is a 3-year WARP of 2.0.

Research Points

The research points are allocated to the following HERDC research outputs.

A1 Book – authored research (5 points)
B1 Book Chapter – research (1 point)
C1 Journal Article – refereed scholarly journal (1 point)
E1 Conference Publication – full refereed paper (1 point)
J Creative works – non-traditional research outputs (1 point)

Where there are multiple authors, each author receives the full point value for that output.