Our Projects


The projects undertaken by CERC include research areas that:
  • Examine Christian schools’ connections to current education trends
  • Establish the efficacy of curriculums, initiatives and projects of Christian schools from a Christian standpoint.
  • Seeks to examine the faith development of students in Adventist schools.

Current Projects

Project titlePartner/Funding BodyAvondale ResearchersCompletion detailsProject information
The Relationship Between School Climate and Faith Engagement in SchoolsCERC/
Peter Kilgour,
Kevin Petrie
Leadership Development: A Key to Educational System SustainabilityCERCPeter Williams2019-
The Integration of a school market gardening program into the Australian F-6 curriculum: A case study of one Adventist primary SchoolCERCBev Christian,
Sandra Ludlow,
Jason Morton,
Karyn Stanton,
Peter Williams,
Dr Robyn Pearce,
Marion Shields,
Andrea Thompson
2019-Explores how one Adventist primary school integrates a school market gardening program into both the Australian F-6 curriculum & the objectives of Adventist education for authentic learning.
Why Avondale?CERCMaria Northcote,
Jane Fernandez,
Steve Currow,
Peter Kilgour,
Carolyn Rickett
2021-Aims to investigate, firstly, why MPhil and PhD candidates choose Avondale to complete their research degrees and, secondly, to determine why these candidates stay at Avondale throughout their postgraduate studies.
Teachers’ perspectives of the impact of COVID-19 shutdowns, and how they perceive the future, for ASA (Adventist Schools Australia) schoolsCERC/
Adventist Schools Australia
Peter Kilgour,
Maria Northcote,
Jason Morton,
Megan Cousins,
Kirsty Pearce
2021-Will investigate teachers’ perspectives on the journey of Adventist schools in managing the COVID-19 response, especially during the COVID-19 school shutdown and on return to face-to-face teaching. The study will also come to understand their perceptions of what the ‘new normal’ for education may look like in the future.
An Analysis of Research Fellowships at AvondaleCERCPeter Kilgour2021-This study is to track the effectiveness of the current workload formula that allocates academic staff their research hours, and to find out how we can maximise research outputs from the staff we have.
Sustainable Development Goals at AvondaleCERCPeter Kilgour2022-This project is analysing the level of knowledge of Avondale staff of the SDGs, and then organising training for them. Their new level of knowledge of the SDGs will be researched after they have done their professional learning.
The Narratives of Adventist Tertiary institutions – An International StudyCERCPeter KilgourIn the worksLooks at 6 Adventist tertiary institutions around the world & traces their philosophies & raison d’etre.