Completed Projects (2018)

Project TitleLead/Funding BodyResearchersCompletion DetailsProject InformationLink to Related Publication
Connecting children to God through nature: Why we should and how we can.CERCBev Christian2018Connecting children to God through natureChapter of a Book Published by Wipf & Stock
Transforming Classroom PracticeCERCDeb Cooper, Beverly Christian2018How can a school create a learning space that provides a retreat from the regular classroom and provides an environment where children can connect with learning and with God?Teach Journal of Christian Education: (12)1
School leadership aspiration: Differences in perception of drivers and barriers across hierarchical levelsCERCPeter Williams, Peter Morey2018This research discusses the leadership crisis looming in schools. With fewer people aspiring to take on school leadership, school educationsystems must consider the drivers and barriers of school leadership aspiration.Teach Journal 12(1)
A Health Check of Avondale's Distance Education Program: Where Have we Been? Where are we Going Next?CERCJason Hinze,
Maria T. Northcote,
Peter Kilgour,
Beverly Christian

West Chester University
David Bolton
2018The results of the study provide insight into the extent to which the distance education program at the College provides a space in which learning relationships can develop in online communities. Also, suggestions for future improvement and further research recommendations are provided.Teach Journal 12(2)
Following Jesus Projects:

Short Term Travel to the Holy Land: Questions of Potency, Pilgrimage, and Potential
CERCPhil Fitzsimmons,
Sherry Hattingh,
Paul Hattingh
2018-2019The impact of a short-term venture to the Holy Lands on Christian educators.Journal of Adventist Mission Studies 15(1)
Mindset, Perseverance, & LearningCERCPeter Beamish,
Alysha Ryan
2017-2018A study which explored how psychological factors of: Growth Mindset (the belief in one’s ability to learn and succeed, Self-Control (the ability to resist temptation and remain focused on a goal), and grit (applying passion and perseverance for long term goals) impact junior school students’ academic achievement.Teach Journal 12(2)