Completed Projects (2020)

Project TitleLead/Funding BodyResearchersCompletion DetailsProject InformationLink to Related Publication
A Decade of Encounter Biblical StudiesCERCBarry Hill,
Phil Fitzsimmons, Peter Kilgour,
Beverly Christian
2020Starting with a brief history of the development of the Encounter Bible curriculum and summary of the evaluative research methodology, this paper draws on teacher, student & administrator interview data in its account of teachers’ attempts to teach Encounter Bible.Teach Journal 14(1)
Flourish: The Impact of an Intergenerational Program on Third-grade Students’ Social and Emotional Wellbeing with Application to the PERMA FrameworkCERCPeter Beamish,
Peter Morey

Noosa Christian School
Angela Gray
2020Intergenerational programs are increasingly being recognised as a means of promoting wellbeing through connecting communities, promoting caring relationships, and combating loneliness and isolation. The aim of this study was to measure the impact of the intergenerational program, ‘Flourish’, on student social and emotional wellbeing.Teach Journal 14(1)
School leader preparation and development programs: What teachers wantCERCPeter Williams2020This research explored elements that current faith-based education system teachers would like to see embedded in the creation of aspirant and novice school leader preparation and developmentprograms.Teach Journal 14(1)
Wellbeing Notebook – King’s Kids: Nurturing Children’s Spiritual Life During COVID-19CERC/ Scripture, Spirituality and Society Research CentreBeverly Christian,

Abide Family Ministries
Kimberly Houliston
2020Profile on an online children’s program with Christian content created during the 2020 pandemicTeach Journal 14(2)
Geography Field Trips: Why Getting Dirty MattersCERCBeverly Christian,
Tiani R. Page
2020This investigation explores past and current literature about field trips and evaluates them against the aims of the Australian Geography Curriculum. Teach Journal 14(2)
Managing Unsatisfactory Teaching Performance in the Classroom: A Christian ApproachCERCMarion Shields 2020This paper addresses the topic and provides a step-by-step process that includes adherence to legislation, fairness for both leaders and employees, and more importantly, fairness for students who are the recipients of unsatisfactory teaching performance.Teach Journal 14(2)
The Impact of Faith Development Activities on Self-Reported Measures of School ClimateCERC/
Association of Independent Schools (NSW)
Kevin Petrie,
Allyson Allen,
Keith Zullig

Avondale School
David McClintock,
Garry Marsters,
Peter Lindsay
2018-2020This is a collaboration between Avondale School and Avondale College with the aim of answering the question: “Does an increase in staff and student engagement in school-based faith development activities equate with increased measures of positive school climate?”Avondale School Research

Kuyers Institute Conference 2019: Shaping Christian Learning
Attachment, nature, and the young child’s felt sense of God.CERCBeverly Christian2020Part of the Nature-pedagogy and children’s spirituality project

It is proposed that young children may develop a felt sense of God through an attachment to nature that parallels their attachment to significant people in their lives. Children learn through their senses and young children experience a sense of awe and wonder when immersed in nature. This article argues for a nexus between young children’s sensory experiences in nature and their felt sense of God.
Journal of Research on Christian Education
Bullying in Faith-Based SchoolsCERCKevin Petrie2020A comparison of bullying in Adventist schools to the general population.
Christian early childhood educational leadership: A manualCERCMarion Shields2020Following on from the research project, a manual is being developed to guide Christian Early Childhood Educational leaders, and those wishing to follow this practice, in the practicalities of CEECC leadership.
Women in Higher Education: The Challenge Remains, Who Wears the “Pants”CERCLisa Barnes, Maria Northcote, Carolyn Rickett, Lynnette Lounsbury, Kira-Leigh Josey

Alphacrucis College
Lily Arasaratnam-Smith

Rhodes University
Noelle Obers
2020This research was initially done across disciplines and across faculties in one faith-based higher education institution in Australia, to discover the challenges and opportunities faced by women in the higher education sector. It was then expanded to see if these issues were different for those working in secular institutions, as well as other faith-based institutions. A replicated study, it also compares results to a study completed at Rhodes University in South Africa.Universal Journal of Educational Research
A Plan for the Co-Construction and Collaborative Use of Rubrics for Student LearningCERCPeter Kilgour,
Maria Northcote,
Anthony Williams
2019Outlining the processes employed in a project that investigated the co-construction of rubrics within six different contexts, a mixed methods approach was utilized to explore the effectiveness of the strategy.Education Papers and Journal Articles. 126
When Business and Business Schools unite to create uniqueness: Stakeholder relationships in business hubs embedded in higher education business institutionsCERCLisa Barnes, Warrick Long, Peter Williams, David Wilson, Erin Poultin, Velan Sormin2020This research is conducted on a smart hub embedded in a business school, in a regional location, of a higher education institution.Research Paper
How Solomon Islands Adventist Teachers Understand their Role in Relation to the Overall Church MissionCERC/
Scripture, Spirituality and Society
Stephen J. Currow,
Sherene J. Hattingh
2020This chapter provides an analysis of the responses of SIM (Solomon Islands Mission) teachers to a number of questions asked in the Solomon Islands Teachers' Survey. The questions explore the teachers' understanding of the school's mission, their personal role in that mission, and how both relate to the mission of the corporate Church in its community. Book Chapter from Education as Preparation for Eternity: Teachers in Seventh-day Adventist schools in Australia and the Solomon Islands, and their Perceptions of Mission
Revealing Jesus in the Learning Environment: Making a World of DifferenceCERCEditors:
Peter Kilgour, Beverly Christian
2020This book contains a bricolage of personal experience interwoven with research that offers opportunities for reflection and action.Book published by Avondale Academic Press
What Makes Education Christian?CERCDon C. Roy2020Over the years, many words and expressions have become part of the rhetoric of Christian educators as they seek to define the essence of Christian education and what it means for schools to function as genuine communities of Christian faith. In this chapter, the author seeks to explain how Christ-centredness and biblical sensitivity provides the answers to such questions, and how the knowledge gained is able to transform the understanding and practice of Christian schools as communities of faith.Book Chapter
The Nature of Christian Early Childhood Education & CareCERCSandra Ludlow2020To date, little has been written about which theories, approaches and pedagogies are most compatible with the goals of Christian early childhood education. It is the purpose of this chapter to consider this issue by considering what it means to claim that we are a Christian ECEC service.Book Chapter
Digging Deep to Reveal JesusCERCKaryn Cameron2020Using literature, personal experience and data from teacher interviews, this chapter makes an explorative foray into critical reflection upon the revealing of Jesus in the learning environment.Book Chapter
The Teaching of History as a Transformative Christian Tool in the Tertiary ClassroomCERCDaniel Reynaud2020This is a study of student responses to the teaching of history in an American university context, conducted by an Australian professional on a year’s exchange. It is based on an analysis of data drawn from student response surveys conducted across the units taught.Book Chapter
Revealing Jesus Through Close Encounters in Far PlacesCERCBev Christian2020The perceptions of educators who participated in a Bible lands study tour were investigated. Using a qualitative research model, participants shared their thoughts before the tour, during it, immediately after and again four years later.Book Chapter
Teaching Challenging Children and Revealing Jesus to ThemCERCMarion Shields2020The term ‘emotional behavioural disorder’ (EBD) emerged in the 1960s when clinicians and educators recognised that some children display extremely inappropriate behaviours which require special educational accommodations. This chapter provides an understanding of EBD, its potential effect on teachers and appropriate strategies for children’s academic, social and faith development.Book Chapter
Teachers Who Reveal JesusCERCPeter Kilgour2020This chapter investigates the issue of how pre-service teachers see their strengths and weaknesses as they prepare to graduate and join the ministry of teaching. The debate between professional teacher education programs covering mandated standards as opposed to providing a deep academic, philosophical, and spiritual grounding in the teaching career is examined.Book Chapter
What Employers in Christian-based Organisations Desire in Graduates from a Christian Business SchoolCERC/
Avondale Business School
Lisa Barnes, Warrick Long, Peter Williams, Craig Louwen2020The purpose of this study is to engage with various Christian-based employers of business school graduates to discover views, requirements and expectations of graduates from a Christian Business School. This study seeks to add knowledge given the gap that exists in this literature.Book Chapter