Research Integrity Advisor

The role of a Research Integrity Advisor (RIA) is to promote the responsible conduct of research at Avondale University and provide advice to staff and students on good research practice.

RIAs can provide general information and advice about:
  • the responsible conduct of research;
  • the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research;
  • policies and practices related to research;
  • strategies that may help staff or students resolve any concerns they have about research conduct;
  • how to lodge a concern for formal review.

Research Integrity Advisors do not:
  • advocate for or on behalf of anyone involved in a possible concern about research conduct;
  • investigate or manage any formal allegations;
  • manage or provide advice about sexual misconduct, bullying or harassment. For such matters, contact your Head of School or People & Culture.

RIAs do not review drafts of ethics applications.

The RIA for Avondale University is Professor Brett Mitchell, Professor of Health Services Research and Nursing ([email protected]).