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Global Adventist Pastors Survey


Global Pastors Survey Briefing for Secretaries and Ministry Directors

This video is designed for those who are administering the General Conference Survey of Attitudes to Mission among employees of Seventh-day Adventist Organizations / Institutions (e.g. Conference / Field / Mission Directors of Education; Presidents of Institutions [or their delegate], etc). The video explains who commissioned the survey, where the questions in the survey were sourced, and discusses practical details in administering the survey.


To design and administer a Pastoral Survey instrument focused on the following areas:

  • The spiritual life of pastors
  • Pastors’ attitude to the Adventist Church’s Fundamental Beliefs
  • Pastors’ attitude to church authority, relationship to the conference/union/division/GC, and pastors’ role in decision-making
  • The Adventist message they preach—Do they preach the full message of the Adventist Church?
  • Pastors’ priorities in and attitude to mission
  • Pastors’ attitude to discipleship–Do they have the right balance of church programs?
  • Existence or absence of contingency plans for the local church against a pandemic or similar crisis in the future
  • Pastors’ attitude to and experience of Adventist Education


Pastors based in local churches in all 13 Divisions of the SDA Church
Survey responses to be collected in 2022

Who has requested the survey?

The survey has been commissioned by a committee of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists that includes the General Conference President, Secretary, Treasurer, all GC Vice-Presidents, etc.


  1. To assist the leadership of the SDA Church with their strategic planning; and
  2. To use as many items as possible from the 2013 Global Adventist Pastor’s Survey, so that similarities and changes can be noted.

Research Team

Prof Robert K McIver
(team leader)

Dr Erika Puni

Dr Wendy A Jackson

Dr Stephen J Currow

Dr Brendan Pratt

Letter about the Pastor’s Survey from Elder Ted Wilson, General Conference President
Frequently asked questions about the Global Adventist Pastor’s Survey

Español- Preguntas Más Frecuentes (PMFs) sobre la Encuesta Global de Pastores Adventistas
Français – Questions fréquemment posées (FAQ) sur le Sondage Mondial des Pasteurs Adventistes
Português Perguntas Mais Frequentes (FAQ) sobre a Pesquisa Global de Pastores Adventistas

Български- Често задавани въпроси относно Глобалното адвентно пасторско проучване
Hrvatski-Često postavljana pitanja (FAQs) o Globalnoj anketi adventističkih pastora
全球基督复临安息日会牧师调查问卷 常见问题
Čeština- Často kladené otázky (FAQ) o Globálním průzkumu adventistických kazatelů
Deutsch – Häufig gestellte Fragen (FAQ) zur Globalen Umfrage unter adventistischen Pastoren
Bahasa Indonesia – Pertanyaan yang Sering Diajukan (FAQ) tentang Survei Pendeta Advent Global
Italianó – Domande frequenti (FAQ) sull’Indagine globale sui pastori avventisti
日本語 – グローバル・アドベンチスト・牧師アンケートについての、よくある質問集
Română- Întrebări frecvente despre Sondajul de Opinie al Pastorilor Adventiști
Srpski-Često postavljana pitanja Globalna Anketa Adventističkih Pastora
Українські-Часті запитання (FAQ) про Глобальне опитування пастора адвентистів

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