Summer Research Scholarships

2019/2020 Scholarships are available.

Avondale is committed to nurturing students for reflective and research-informed lifelong learning. The Summer Research Scholarship provides opportunity for a student to participate in a program of supervised research relevant to the approved Summer Scholarship Supervisors program of research. By participating Summer Scholars are able to extend their knowledge, develop their analytical critical thinking and communication skills. The scholarship is open to all full-time students who are enrolled beyond the first-year of an undergraduate course (including postgraduate students) offered by Avondale. There are 5 programs of supervised research (placements) available in 2019/2020 summer research period.

Research Period

The scholar is required to pursue a program of the equivalent of seven weeks of full-time research at either Lake Macquarie or Sydney campus, starting and ending during the summer period, under the supervision of a Summer Scholarship Supervisors. The scholar summer period is from November to the end of Semester 1, the following year. If there is any variance on this both you and your supervisor need to document what the work period will be. There is some flexibility on the timeline of the scholarship, and will take into account the project as well as the supervisor/s and the scholar’s availability. This needs to be negotiated at the start of the scholarship.


Scholarships are valued at $4000 each paid in 2 lump sums. One upfront payment of $2000 with the remaining $2000 payment payable upon the receipt of a written report of outcomes from the scholar and their supervisor that the project has been undertaken and completed. In second semester of the following year the scholar, along with their supervisor/s, will give an oral presentation of their research project to a School or Faculty forum that includes students. The Summer Scholar’s supervisor/s will be responsible for organising this presentation, in consultation with the Summer Scholar to arrange a format, time and venue suitable to the Summer Scholar and his/her supervisor/s.

The scholar is responsible for any Centrelink implications resulting from the award of this scholarship.

How to apply

Complete the application form
Include a brief statement (maximum of 250 word) outlining the reasons for applying, why you are interested in research, and your future goals and aspirations.

Important dates

Applications open: 9 September
Applications close: 25 October
Offers made: November