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Getting The Most Out Of Meetings (Faith-Based) – SCBUSGOV012


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Usually takes 1 hour to complete
No previous experience required


Meetings are an important part of most workplaces; however they can also be seen as time wasters. This course provides learning on, meeting purpose, effective meeting preparation & performance, and successfully concluding meetings. Learning is provided via recorded videos and quiz completion.

Who should do this course

Designed for those you have been recently been appointed to a committee or for those who would like a refresher on getting the most out of committee meetings.

Certificate type

Certificate of Completion


Warrick is an industry professional who also oversees the Avondale University Business School post graduate program. Warrick also delivers a large number of corporate tailored training for businesses and organisations.


Corporate discounts available
This is a fully automated course and participants have unlimited attempts to complete the course.

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