Timetable Wizard FAQ

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions page for the Timetable Wizard. The list of questions will be regularly updated - however, if your query is not covered please contact the Avondale University Timetable Officer (phone 4980 2329 or email [email protected]).

What is Timetable Wizard?

The Timetable Wizard is a web version of the Semester One and Semester Two class timetable on the Lake Macquarie Campus of Avondale University.

How do I get my timetable for classes on the Sydney Campus?

Information about the timetable for classes on the Sydney Campus can be obtained from the Faculty of Nursing and Health, phone (02) 9480 3630 or email [email protected].

Timetable Wizard is only used to timetable Semester One and Two classes on the Lake Macquarie Campus.

How do I log on to Timetable Wizard?

Timetable Wizard is found on the Avondale University web at www.avondale.edu.au/ttwizard
By following the instructions on this page you can check the timetable for a selected unit (subject).

If you are a current student at Avondale University you can check your individual timetable once you are enrolled in units by logging into your Student Login. To do this:
  1. Go to the Avondale website, click on Students, and then click on 'STUDENT LOGIN' in the left side menu; OR go to http://www.student.avondale.edu.au/
  2. Enter your Username for Student Login - which is your student ID number including the leading s and 0 (note this is different to your Username for Student Connect which does not use the leading s and 0);
  3. Enter your Student Login Password. The initial password for Student Login is provided to you by Avondale IT Services (note this is a different Password from the one you were provided for Student Connect) and you are advised to change it to a password of your choice the first time you log in;
  4. Click on 'Login';
  5. Go to the menu on the left side and select Student Timetable - a grid of your timetable will appear.

When will the semester timetable be finalised?

The timetable is subject to adjustment up until the end of the second week of each semester. Additionally, the timetable for some units (subjects) may not appear in Timetable Wizard until close to the commencement of the semester.

Please note that for some units, tutorials will not be shown on Timetable Wizard. Details of the scheduling of these tutorials will be available in class during the first week of the semester.

Can I print a copy of my timetable?

To print a copy or your timetable:
  1. Log into Student Login (see: logging into Student Login in How do I log on to Timetable Wizard above);
  2. Go to the menu on the left side and select Student Timetable - a grid of your timetable will appear;
  3. Click on 'Print Timetable' (found above the Wednesday column on the timetable grid).

Why do I have multiple tutorial and laboratory sessions for the one unit on my timetable?

Large classes require more than one tutorial and/or laboratory session to cater for all students in the class. Normally you will be required to attend only one tutorial and/or one laboratory session (often 3 hours in length) each week. At the commencement of the semester the lecturer of the unit will give you details about which session/s you need to attend.

Can I view my class timetable in Student Connect?

No, there is currently no facility for your class timetable in Student Connect. You need to log into Student Login to view your individual timetable (see Student Login in How do I log on to Timetable Wizard above).

I am unable to log into Student Login to view my timetable

Ensure you are using your correct Username and Password (see: How do I log on to Timetable Wizard above).

If you are a student on the Lake Macquarie Campus of Avondale University and have not yet been provided with a Username and Password for Student Login, contact Avondale IT Services by phone on 02 4980 2111.

If you have a financial encumbrance you will not be able to log into your student account until you gain financial clearance. Contact the Student Finance Office (phone 4980 2108 or email [email protected]) if you believe this is the reason you cannot log in.

I have forgotten my Student Login details so cannot get my timetable

To check your Student Login details, or to have your password reset, please contact the Avondale IT Services Helpdesk (phone 4980 2111).