Step 10 - More Preparation

Get your Student ID card

Both On-campus and Distance students require an Avondale Student ID card.

You must present your Student ID card at Examination venues. This applies to both On-campus and Distance students.

You will also need a Student ID card to access parking, access some classrooms, access residential halls for those living on campus, access the computer labs, library services, photocopying, printing, identification for exams, meals in cafeteria (if living on campus) and you may need to use it for work commitments.

How to get your Student ID Card

On-campus Students: when you arrive at Avondale for O Week, you will have your photo taken for your Avondale Student ID card and it will be given to you once it is ready There is no cost for the card (unless you need a replacement card, so don't lose it!). Once you have you Student ID card you can complete an application form for travel concession if you meet the criteria.

Distance Students: You need to provide Avondale with a current photo of yourself (head and shoulders), preferably on a plain background in a jpeg format and email it to A Student ID card will then be made and sent to you.

Replacement Cards

On-campus Students, living in Lake Macquarie Campus residence halls:If your card is lost or stolen, report it immediately to Student Services and/or relevant Residence Manager who will deactivate your card so no-one else can use it.
To replace your card, go to or email Student Life Services ( and pay $30. Your new card will be issued once payment has been made.
Distance and On-campus students living off campus:To replace your card, go to or email Student Life Services ( and pay $30. Your new card will be issued once payment has been made.

Other Useful Information

Health Care

You would already have organised your Overseas Heath Cover (OSHC) prior to getting your Confirmation of Enrolment. If we have arranged this for you, please ensure you come to the Avondale Admissions office to collect your OSHC card. It is a good idea to have the details of your OSHC insurer with you in case you need to visit the doctor or go to Hospital.


Students who wish to take up available work on or off campus must obtain a Tax File Number (TFN) from the Australian Tax Office. For students wishing to take up on-campus work, please visit Student Services on arrival to the campus. Your TFN will be required once employed. Your student visa enables you to work up to 40 hours per fortnight and full time when Avondale is on a break.

Arriving on campus

Please follow this Checklist of what to bring with you or do prior to leaving your country:
  1. Vaccination card/information where relevant (eg. Bachelor of Nursing students). Ensure you bring your vaccination records with you when you leave your country. It may be difficult to access this from your home country while here in Australia.
  2. Passport and visa – your passport needs to be valid and up to date before your arrival in Australia. Please provide Avondale Admissions with a copy of your visa and passport upon your arrival to Avondale.
  3. Bring your personal documents such as your driver’s licence, birth certificate, ID cards etc.
  4. It is a good idea to have some Australian currency with you prior to leaving your home country. We recommended you bring with you sufficient funds for first few weeks. You can change money at airport if need be. Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) are available at the airport, shopping centres and on campus.
  5. Sydney Campus
    Students travelling to the Sydney campus by train should disembark at Hornsby Station or Turramurra Station on the North Shore & Western line. A public bus service connects each station to Sydney Adventist Hospital.
    Please add link to

    Lake Macquarie Campus
    Getting to Campus
  6. Accommodation - Make sure you have organised your accommodation prior to leaving your home country. It is a good idea to have the address of where you are staying written down and easily accessible when you arrive.
  7. Clothing – It can be quite warm in the summer and cool to cold during winter months. Make sure you pack enough clothes to ensure you are comfortable whatever the weather may be.
  8. Customs - It is a good idea to check the Department of Immigration and Boarder Protection website to see what you can and cannot bring into the country.


Moodle is the learning management system used at Avondale to provide students with access to key online learning resources and activities. You MUST log into Moodle to obtain the Unit Outline for each unit in which you are enrolled. Unit Outlines are normally available in Moodle from 2 weeks prior the commencement of the unit. Active participation and interaction in online components of units is essential for all students as many key resources and instructions are only available in Moodle. Students are encouraged to orientate themselves with the Moodle presence for all units in which they are enrolled early in each semester/teaching period. Contact your lecturer or IT services if you have difficulties accessing Moodle.


Turnitin is a web-based tool through which assignments can be submitted to allow a text-matching service.It links added to Moodle to allow both students and lecturers to assess the originality of academic assignments. A Turnitin similarity report provides feedback to students by indicating how much unoriginal content is present in a submission by comparing it with internet pages, other student submissions and academic articles and assists to avoid plagiarism

A range of information skills tutorials are available online and from the Avondale University College Library web site.