Step 9 - More Preparation

All Students


Moodle is the learning management system used at Avondale to provide students with access to key online learning resources and activities. You MUST log into Moodle to obtain the Unit Outline for each unit in which you are enrolled. Unit Outlines are normally available in Moodle from 2 weeks prior the commencement of the unit. Active participation and interaction in online components of units is essential for all students as many key resources and instructions are only available in Moodle. Students are encouraged to orientate themselves with the Moodle presence for all units in which they are enrolled early in each semester/teaching period. Contact your lecturer or IT services if you have difficulties accessing Moodle.


Turnitin is a web-based tool through which assignments can be submitted to allow a text-matching service.It links added to Moodle to allow both students and lecturers to assess the originality of academic assignments. A Turnitin similarity report provides feedback to students by indicating how much unoriginal content is present in a submission by comparing it with internet pages, other student submissions and academic articles and assists to avoid plagiarism

A range of information skills tutorials are available online and from the Avondale University College Library web site.

Higher Degree Research Students

Please read the Welcome to Higher Degree Research Booklet

Welcome to Higher Degree Research at Avondale

For more information email the Research Support Office, phone +61 2 4980 2121.