Step 3: Accommodation & Meals

Important Notice for Graduation 2020

Avondale is proceeding with a face-to-face graduation this year, but with some important differences;
  • graduation will consist of a number of small ceremonies held in the Avondale University College Church on December 13-14;
  • no other programs will be run over the graduation weekend;
  • Avondale will not be able to provide food or accommodation for guests;
  • students will be able to invite two family members only, to attend the ceremony.

We will be letting students know the day and session for their graduation in the near future.

It is also important to note that;
  • students who are eligible to graduate, will receive confirmation of course completion irrespective of the date of the graduation ceremony;
  • there will be a COVID safe plan in place for the venue;
  • the approach may vary depending on circumstances at the time.

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