Employer Subsidy


Eligible students may receive up to 30% discount of the applicable tuition and compulsory SSAF fees amount, plus parking and/or gym on Lake Macquarie Campus.


The tuition fee subsidy is for employees’ unmarried dependent child enrolled at Avondale University and is granted by the parent/s employing organisation according to the South Pacific Division Policy when:
  • The parent is a full-time or part-time denominational employee.
  • The parent is fully responsible for all education expenses, or where both parents are denominationally employed, they are jointly responsible for all education expenses.
  • The course is commenced before the student’s twenty-second birthday and subsidy will cease no later than the 26th birthday, and shall only apply to assistance for the completion of an initial tertiary degree.

The subsidy will be granted once acceptance of the charges is received by Student Finance from the parent/s employing organisation. Denominational employers reserve the right not to offer this benefit to their employees.

Application Process

  • Submit this application form
  • Student Finance Services will contact the parents employing organisation to request approval
  • Student Finance Services will advise outcome via your student email outlining the next step/s