Student Support

Student Life Services at Avondale University provides non-academic services such as chaplaincy, counselling, on-campus accommodation and transport, and co-ordinates and sponsors student associations and clubs.

Student Life Services office is located in College Hall on the Lake Macquarie campus. College Hall has a canteen, mailboxes for off-campus students, a pool table, a table tennis table and study lounge.


Student Life Services wants to make sure you get the right support during your study. We provide a range of services to help make all aspects of your time with us enjoyable.

Avondale’s Studiosity Service

Get anytime, anywhere study and writing help

You can upload a file for same-day writing feedback or chat live to a real specialist for instant feedback on writing, or a maths/science question. Note: you must first activate your Avondale University ‘Studiosity’ account.

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Here’s what Avondale students are asking:

  • “This has to be a report structure, can you see if this reads ok?”
  • “Does my conclusion make sense?”
  • “I’m making two very different arguments here, can you give any feedback?”
  • “I’m getting the wrong answer for x, but my working looks ok, can we chat through it?”

Avondale University provides Studiosity to our students. You can access your account using the link below, or from the Studiosity banner within your Moodle units. See for latest FAQ, including help provided, how to use, and information about the online Specialists.

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Avondale understands that occasionally issues may arise regarding the quality of service or decisions made by the various areas within the University and the complaints process is available for resolution of these concerns.

Complaints and Feedback


Service and Facilities
Map: Lake Macquarie campus
Hunter Valley Buses

Train concession

A train concession is available for most students from Student Life Services. International students can apply for an International Student Identity Card, which they can use to receive a train concession.

NSW TrainLink
International Student Identity Card