Indigenous Student Support

Avondale aims to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students during their program of study. On this page you will find a number of links to other sites that can assist you either personally or professionally as you complete your study program.

If you would like to meet with someone to discuss your needs, Indigenous support staff are located at the Lake Macquarie and Sydney campus and are available to provide advice or guidance with any questions, concerns or problems you may have.

Indigenous Student Support Staff Representative – Lake Macquarie

Priscilla Mariassouce
College Hall, Lake Macquarie Campus
Phone (02) 4980 2283
Email [email protected]

Indigenous Student Support Staff Representative – Sydney

Shirley Fatnowna
Indigenous Support and Education Officer
Clinical Education Centre, Sydney Campus
Phone (02) 4980 2224
Email [email protected]

Indigenous Support Staff – Disciplines

Arts & Business – Diane Smith
Education & Science – Jason Hinze
Ministry & Theology – Erika Puni
Nursing & Health – Shirley Fatnowna

If you want information on services for Aboriginal People in the Hornsby area near the Sydney Campus see the following website.

If you want health information and services near the Lake Macquarie Campus see the following website for the NSW Health - Hunter area page
Hunter New England Aboriginal Services and Support

If you want information on employment opportunities in NSW Health facilities for nurses, see the following web site on the NSW Health - NSW Aboriginal Nursing strategy.