Admission Pathways

Choose from a range of pathways to gain admission into Avondale and let your Avondale experience begin.

Special Pathways General Studies

General Studies

Avondale’s Diploma of General Studies provides high school leavers and mature age applicants with a sound basis for entry into tertiary education, helping you develop the necessary skills for academic success.

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Special Pathways Adjustment Factors

Adjustment Factors

Adjustment points (formerly known as bonus points) when added to your ATAR (or equivalent), may gain you entry into an undergraduate degree at Avondale. Such factors include living or attending school in a certain area, educational or other disadvantage, equivalent offers, and performance in a Year 12 subject.

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Indigenous Applicants

Avondale is committed to advancing opportunities for the education of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Indigenous applicants who do not attain the minimum ATAR (or equivalent) for entry into an undergraduate course at Avondale may gain entry with adjustment points.

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uniTEST and TOWA Entrance Exam

Avondale recognises relevant work and life experiences, providing the opportunity to complete an entrance test if you: do not have a sufficient ATAR or equivalent; did not undertake or complete previous recognised study; have not completed an accredited bridging or enabling course; are not currently completing the High School Certificate (HSC), New Zealand NCEA or International Baccalaureate (IB). The entrance test is offered to domestic students only – i.e. an Australian citizen; holder of a permanent humanitarian visa residing in Australia; a New Zealand citizen; or holder of other permanent visas.

For information about the entrance test or to apply, download and submit a uniTEST and Tertiary Online Writing Assessment (TOWA) Application Form

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