Early Admission

Avondale's Early Admission Program can earn you an offer into your chosen undergraduate degree before your final exams.

info Early Admission is designed for high-performing Year 12 students. Early Admission is not open to mature-age students, non-school leavers, or international students.

Important Dates

1 JUNE 2022: Applications OPEN

1 AUGUST 2022: Applications CLOSE

15 AUGUST 2022: School Endorsements OPEN

23 SEPTEMBER 2022: School Endorsements CLOSE

5 OCTOBER 2022: OFFERS Released

2 NOVEMBER 2022: DEADLINE to Accept Offers

27 FEBRUARY 2023: Orientation

"Applying for early admission at Avondale was easy, simple, and took no time. I was so happy to learn that I had been accepted at Avondale, and I didn't have to worry about scrambling for a uni closer to when uni started."
Zoe C - Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary)

Am I eligible?

To be eligible for Early Admission in 2023, you must be:
  • Completing Year 12 in 2022; and
  • Eligible for a Higher School Certificate, International Baccalaureate, or an interstate equivalent from an Australian high school; and
  • Eligible for an ATAR; and
  • Able to demonstrate that you achieved an average percentage mark of no less than 70% (or a B-Grade average) across all subjects in Year 11.

How to apply

  • Prepare a maximum one-page personal statement about what matters to you, including your key skills, hobbies and interests. If applicable, include details of your awards /recognition, co-curricular/extracurricular activities, and employment/volunteer work.
  • Obtain evidence of your Year 11 final year results (see note).
  • Submit your Early Admission application

info Evidence includes a school report and a letter from your school (on official school letterhead and emailed to Avondale by a school official). Results are required for every subject as a percentage mark or a grade - we do not accept ranks. We will not assess VET subjects.

info NSW Student eRecords are accepted if they accompany your Year 11 school report. Student eRecords on their own are not sufficient.

What Happens Next?

When you apply to study for early admission, you will receive an email confirming your submission. The email will include your application details (the course, campus, and attendance mode) and your unique Avondale ID number.

After applications for Early Admission close on 1 August 2022, Student Administration Services will assess your application and email you the outcome. We will contact your school for their endorsement if your application is successful. After we receive your school's endorsement, we will ask you to follow up on the specific admission requirements for your course (if applicable).

Suppose your application for Early Admission is unsuccessful or your school does not endorse your application. In that case, you still have the opportunity to gain admission to your chosen degree by obtaining the minimum ATAR for the course for which you applied. Or you may be considered for entry through one of Avondale's admission pathways.

Your Offer

If you meet all the entry requirements, you will receive an early offer - securing your place at Avondale before sitting your final exams!


Student Administration Services

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