Non-Award Study

If you want to keep your knowledge and skills current, without taking on a course that leads to a degree, you can enrol in a non-award single unit of study.

Units completed as a non-award single unit of study may be eligible for Advanced Standing credit later, should you decide to apply for a further qualification with Avondale.

How much does it cost?

Non-award single units are charged per unit of study and must be paid in full before the relevant census date. The amount charged depends on the unit. Students studying non-award units are not eligible for FEE-HELP or Commonwealth supported places (CSP) and so this includes HECS-HELP.

For a complete list of units offered and their fees, click here

Why study a single unit?

  • to meet professional development requirements
  • to remain competitive in your area of expertise
  • to develop new skills
  • to complement an existing degree
  • to satisfy a personal interest in an area of study
  • to meet the requirements of a government body, such as NESA


  • Enrolment is on the provision that there are sufficient places available in the course and that the enrolment does not preclude a student in an Avondale award program from enrolling into the course.
  • A non-award student will not be permitted to enrol in more than 24 credit points in any one academic year.
  • Non-award enrolment into a course may be permitted provided that the student has appropriate educational qualifications, satisfies the minimum English language requirements as stated in the Admission to Higher Education Undergraduate Courses Policy, and has met the pre-requisites (if applicable).
  • Applications for non-award study are considered by the course convenor, ensuring the student will benefit from the enrolment.

How to apply

You will use Avondale's online applicant portal to apply. Please read through each of the following steps before you apply.

STEP 1: Create an account for the online applicant portal. If you already have an account, go to STEP 3;

STEP 2: Once your account is created, you will receive an email confirming your applicant ID and password;

STEP 3: Once you receive the confirmation email, click here, using your applicant ID and password to access the non-award portal;

STEP 4: Complete your application:
  • For undergraduate non-award study - choose course code 4482
  • For postgraduate non-award study - choose course code 4073

Audit a Unit

'Auditing' is defined as listening. When you audit a unit, you may attend lectures but not necessarily attend associated tutorials, laboratory or workshop sessions. Assignments and examinations are not included, so the only credential you will be issued is a transcript with a grade of "AUD". Auditing a unit incurs a fee of AU$200. To apply, complete and return an application form

Further Information

Student Administration Services
P: +61 2 4980 2377