School of Ministry & Theology

Courses Offered

At an undergraduate level, the School of Ministry & Theology offers a four-year Bachelor of Theology/Bachelor of Ministry, a three-year Bachelor of Theology, and a two-year Associate Degree in Theological Studies. These courses provide students with a foundation for ministry and resources with which to minister. The staff of the School of Ministry & Theology are deeply committed to the gospel of Jesus Christ and equipping men and women for church ministry. Both the Bachelor of Theology/Bachelor of Ministry and the concurrent Graduate Diploma in Theology and Ministry are designed to prepare graduates for ministry in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. In addition, individual units may be taken by interested lay persons and professionals as single, non-award units for Lifelong Learning credit. The degrees also provide a foundation for further reflection and advanced study.

Theology Courses

The School offers the Biblical Studies and Religious Studies majors and minors for a Bachelor of Arts degree as well.

Postgraduate programs include Masters programs in Theology, Religion, and Family Ministry are also offered.

All degrees are suitable for training for ministers of any Christian faith tradition.

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Graduate Outcomes

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Ministry Practicum Handbook

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