Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF)

The Student Services and Amenities Fee provides funding for student services and amenities of a non-academic nature. Some of the services provided by SSAF include:
  1. counselling and pastoral care
  2. food services, sporting and recreational activities
  3. student advocacy (ASA & ANSA)

  4. To check out the SSAF funded services and facilities available on campus and/or online please check out the Avondale Student Life website.

    What is SSAF?

    SSAF (Student Services and Amenities Fee) aims to provide a balanced, practical approach to funding campus services and amenities of a non-academic nature. The SSAF has provided Avondale the opportunity to invest in student associations and ASA/ANSA driven activities. Listed below are annual reports and proposed SSAF allocation reports.

    Annual Report SSAF 2022

    Annual Report SSAF 2021

    Annual Report SSAF 2020

    2022 Proposed Student Services and Amenities Fee Allocation

    Services provided through SSAF funding are made available to all Avondale students regardless of their circumstances and it is up to each individual student to choose their level of engagement with these services.

    How much is the SSAF for 2024?

    Full-time on-campus (Lake Macquarie) - $350 per year

    Part-time on-campus (Lake Macquarie) - $262 per year

    Distance or Mixed Mode - $174 per year

    Full-time on-campus (Sydney) - $174 per year

    The SSAF is calculated based on your enrolled study load as at the census date. In accordance with Government regulations, the maximum amount that any student may be charged for SSAF in 2024 is $351 (full time study) and $263.25 (part time study).

    When is SSAF due?

    SSAF payments are due by the SSAF census date. ( SA1 is 20/06/2024 and SA2 is 15/10/2024)

    Students can pay the SSAF upfront or, if eligible, they can use an SA-HELP loan to cover this fee. If you have an SA-HELP loan in place, SSAF cost will be automatically deferred to your tax file. Eligible SA-HELP students will be sent an invitation to apply once enrolled in their units.

    If you are making an upfront payment, SSAF census date is the last date you can pay outstanding SSAF amounts. If you have not paid outstanding SSAF amounts by census date you may not be able to enrol, re-enrol, graduate, obtain a transcript or view exam results online.

    View 2024 SSAF Fee Breakdown


    Your SSAF, Your Way:

    At Avondale we want to hear your suggestions and feedback about our SSAF funded projects and how we can improve our service & facilities.

    SSAF Survey:
    Students have the opportunity to participate in two SSAF surveys over the course of the year (Semester one & semester two). From the feedback provided in the SSAF survey we are able to determing the priorities for that year and gather information about how to improve our current SSAF spaces. Below is the SSAF survey report from 2020.

    SSAF Survey Report 2020

    2021 SSAF Survey Dates:
    • February 29th 2021 (Semester One)
    • September 30th 2021 (Semester Two)

    NEW SPACE: SSAF Consultative Committee & Proposals:

    Last year we began to introduce the concept of SSAF Consultative Committee and student proposals. Unfortunately due to COVID-19 we had to postpone the SSAF consultative committee and proposals until furthernotice.

    This year we are moving forward with the committee in semester one and by semester two we will release dates for students to submit proposals. Students will receive an email in smeeter 2 updating them about student proposals.

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