Orientation 2021

Orientation is important and it is designed to help you make a successful transition into study.

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Called to be… at Avondale?

Your career is more than just a job or a pay check at the end of the week. Your career is a calling to serve, to inspire and to make a difference. At Avondale University College, we’re here to equip our students to fulfil their individual calling in the workforce, community and the world by providing a quality higher education experience. We call it the #avondalexp. To begin your own journey at Avondale, let us help you choose a vocational course (VET), undergraduate or postgraduate degree that’s right for you!

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News & Research

Get news, reviews and perspectives about our research, our campus and our community.
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Making a difference

How would you help a student with a disability feel like they belonged in an abled-bodied classroom? The answer appears in a new Avondale Academic Press book described as connecting research “to our being rather than just our doing, to our moral purpose as Christian educators.”

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Caitlin cares

With family members, school students and people in need all benefitting from Caitlin Smith’s summer of service, why is this Avondale student returning from holidays with mixed feelings?

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How does a degree actually work?

Let’s break down the difference between certificates, diplomas, degrees and more. In this post we simplify all the basic uni jargon you need to know before taking your next step!

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