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Your career is more than just a job or a pay check at the end of the week. Your career is a calling to serve, to inspire and to make a difference. At Avondale University, we’re here to equip our students to fulfil their individual calling in the workforce, community and the world by providing a quality higher education experience. We call it the #avondalexp. To begin your own journey at Avondale, let us help you choose a vocational course (VET), undergraduate or postgraduate degree that’s right for you!

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Read moreAleta King

Baton has big impact

Maestro! A conductor can greatly enhance teaching and learning for students who enrol in aligned musicianship and ensemble programs, an Avondale lecturer’s doctoral research shows.

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Read moreDestinee Leo

Destinee’s “life experience” degree

Here’s the story behind the new face of the Bachelor of Business degree at Avondale.

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Read moreDavid Neale

Called to the classroom

It’s O-Week 2020 and David Neale is sitting in his car “freaking out.” He feels overwhelmed. Despite knowing he’s more than capable of completing a university degree, the question lingers: Has he left his run too late?

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