A return invitation to a national conference will enhance the reputation of an Avondale vocal ensemble and teach other educators about musicality and performance.
Endless sunburnt dunes pass by as a bus speeds through the outback. Cramp creeps up a crouched leg on a boat in the Mekong River. And children play saxophones slightly off tempo in a cringeworthy performance on a crowded train in Berlin. These scenes from Avondale’s Ytravel blog give us a sense of adventure and the students who write it the fundamentals of freelancing.


Celebrate the rhythm of revival and the close of the Sabbath with Avondale Conservatorium’s The Promise and Avondale Jazz Ensemble at this gospel music-inspired showcase.
A workshop over breakfast with Drs Bruce Manners and Darren Morton to help you plan and create your best retirement.
Celebrate the close of the Sabbath with Avondale Conservatorium and Newcastle Grammar School performing Vivaldi’s Gloria as part of Wahroonga Seventh-day Adventist Church’s evensong concert series.
Last Updated:15th September 2016
Updated By: Brenton Stacey