Established in 2013, the Christian Education Research Centre (CERC) seeks to promote Christian education research both within the college and by partnering with other institutions, particularly Christian schools, Christian tertiary institutions, and their administering entities.


  • Serve and inform Avondale University stakeholders with research seen as vital to their operation and development.
  • Mobilise research teams on campus to take up Christian education research.
  • Facilitate cross-discipline and cross research centre cooperation in the area of Christian education.
  • Foster research collaboration with national and international Christian tertiary institutions.


The director of the Christian Education Research Centre is appointed by the Vice-Chancellor of Avondale University, in consultation with the Research Dean. The Vice-Chancellor, Research Dean and Research Centre Director will select the members of the Board.

The Board will comprise of:
  • Chairperson(appointed from the members by the board and approved by the Research Committee)
  • Research Centre Director Secretary (ex-officio)
  • Dean of Research (ex-officio)
  • Up to five additional members (two of whom may be external to Avondale), who are identified as experts in a field relevant to the Research Centre (approved by the Research Committee).
  • Recording Secretary (non-voting member)

The responsibilities of the Board are:
  • To establish and provide advice on the overall strategic direction for the Centre and its activities in accordance with its purpose and objectives.
  • To set and amend as necessary the Centre’s objectives.
  • To set and review overall management and delivery of the Centre’s activities against annual plans and budgets.
  • To oversee the Centre’s compliance with Avondale’s procedures and policies.
  • To approve any spending against the budget.
  • To recommend annual budgets to the finance office.


Dr Peter Williams
Business Building, Lake Macquarie Campus, Avondale University
Telephone: +612 4980 2175
Email: [email protected]

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