Help leaders of tomorrow reach their God-given potential

When you make a donation to scholarships, you directly support current and prospective students at Avondale. Choose a gift* below to support students who need your help the most.

* Gifts of $2 or more are tax deductible in Australia.



Support those who can’t support themselves. Your gift will make an Avondale education possible for students who may be struggling financially and need help with living expenses or tuition costs. Suggested gift range: $50-$100.

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A school teacher knows the students in their class. Your gift will encourage those identified as “change makers” to pursue their studies at Avondale.
Suggested gift range: $100-$150.

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Learning is a lifelong practice. Your gift will help current students grow in knowledge and become leaders, thinkers and communicators.
Suggested gift range: $150-$250.

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Service matters. Students who give of themselves for others set a good example. Your gift will support them as leaders on campus.
Suggested gift range: $250-$500.

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Young adults who lead at school, in the community, at home or at church are already committed to a life of service. Your gift will help bring more of these students to Avondale. Suggested gift range: $500-$1000.

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