Fit Life Health Club

Fit Life Health Club is a privately operated family business located on the Avondale Campus. Brothers and co-directors, Levi and Luke Martin grew up in the local community, attended the local school and have always been active in the local area. In operation since May 2008, Fit Life Health Club has been experiencing a steady increase in memberships, even across the winter period where members enjoyed a sustained workout program and a toasty 28 degrees Celsius in the swimming pool.

Fit Life Health Club is no ordinary commercial gym setup. It has all the facilities of a standard commercial fitness centre as well as an outdoor 25m heated pool, but it's the community feel about this fitness centre that makes the difference. "Our member's come in to attend a fitness class, and then they stay around to enjoy a coffee from the clubs cafe and a chat with other members or our friendly staff," says Levi.

Fit Life Health Club offers 20 group fitness classes per week offering a wide range of options including pilates, step aerobics, boxing, spin classes, aqua aerobics, bar-class and more.

The cycle and boxing classes have been most popular, with the demand forcing the club to put on more classes due to high numbers.

Open to the public and students of Avondale the team at Fit Life Health Club look forward to seeing you take advantage of the facility soon.