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Located on the east coast, you will be surrounded by some of Australia’s most popular destinations like Sydney and Newcastle. Local features include breathtaking beaches, water sports on the lake and adventurous hiking paths.

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Avondale is unique in the Australian Higher Education system and one of only a few post-secondary institutions offering studies with a Christian perspective. We offer undergraduate, postgraduate, and Vocational Education and Training (VET), as well as micro-credentials and non-award.

According to The Good Universities Guide 2024, it’s ranked number one in Australia for undergraduate overall educational experience, teaching quality and graduate starting salary, and across all categories in undergraduate nursing.

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Experience Avondale to the fullest by living on campus - either Lake Macquarie and Sydney. Our dormatory style residential halls are central to both campuses, giving our students easy access to classes and campus life.

Lake Macquarie Campus

Discover the natural beauty and vibrant culture of Lake Macquarie, a stunning Australian destination that offers a perfect blend of serene lakeside tranquility and exciting urban experiences.

Sydney Campus

Experience the iconic charm of Sydney, where you can explore the world-famous Sydney Opera House, relax on stunning beaches like Bondi, and immerse yourself in a dynamic and diverse city.

Global Education

Australia is the first choice for many students from around the world. Graduates from Avondale have found employment internationally, with many holding prominent positions in business, government and church organisations. Australian qualifications are recognised globally.
Avondale is an excellent option for students wanting to experience Australian culture in a safe environment, living and studying alongside others with Christian beliefs. Students of all faith traditions will find the campus community accommodating and friendly. Our campus is drug and alcohol-free with no smoking and a vegetarian cafeteria.

Avondale student-staff ratios allow a nurturing and supportive study environment. Avondale has a rich history and offers students a unique experience through community and lifestyle. It is much more than what happens in the classroom – we are better because of our students.

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Our International Courses

Undergraduate Degrees

Undergraduate Certificate in Science  CRICOS: 111572G
Bachelor of Arts  CRICOS: 057294K
Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Teaching (Primary)  CRICOS: 090540D
Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary)  CRICOS: 090542B
Bachelor of Arts (Counselling)  CRICOS: 057294K
Bachelor of Business  CRICOS: 057303C
Bachelor of Ministry and Theology  CRICOS: 059851C
Bachelor of Nursing  CRICOS: 057311C
Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Teaching  CRICOS: 057315K
Bachelor of Theology  CRICOS: 059850D

Postgraduate Degrees

Graduate Certificate in Educational Studies  CRICOS: 083268G
Graduate Certificate in Arts  CRICOS: 057294K
Master of Ministry  CRICOS: 111572G (on-campus or via distance)
Master of Teaching (Primary)  CRICOS: 083267G
Master of Teaching (Secondary)  CRICOS: 083268G
Master of Philosophy  CRICOS: 094236B
Doctor of Philosophy  CRICOS: 059853A

Vocational Courses

SIS40621 Certificate IV in Outdoor Leadership  CRICOS: 112221M
SIS50421 Diploma of Outdoor Leadership  CRICOS: 108945J

Pathway Courses

Undergraduate Certificate in University Preparation  CRICOS: 111574E
Associate Degree in Theological Studies  CRICOS: 059849G
Undergraduate Certificate in Business  CRICOS: 111573F
Diploma of Business  CRICOS: 108610K

Distance Courses (No CRICOS Code)

You can study the following postgraduate courses, but only in distance mode. Enrol in these online courses as a full or part-time student. You do not require a student visa.
Graduate Certificate in Counselling
Graduate Certificate of Leadership & Management
Graduate Certificate of Lifestyle Medicine
Graduate Certificate in Nursing
Graduate Diploma in Counselling
Graduate Diploma of Lifestyle Medicine
Graduate Diploma of Leadership & Management
Master of Arts
Master of Business Administration
Master of Education
Master of Lifestyle Medicine
Master of Nursing

Entry Requirements

The requirements to study at Avondale differ depending on whether you plan to study on-campus in Australia (Onshore) or from your home country via distance education (Offshore).
If you plan to study on-campus at Avondale, you will study onshore. This section includes admissions-related information about the following requirements for studying onshore:

• Genuine Temporary Entrant
• Academic and English language
• Confirmation of Enrolment
• Australian Visa
• Overseas Student Health Cover
• Visa Conditions
• Bringing your family to Australia
• Working in Australia
• Cost of living


CRICOS Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students indicates a registered program offered to international students studying in Australia on student visas.

CRICOS Register

Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE)

We must ensure that international students intending to study at Avondale are genuine students and Genuine Temporary Entrants. To satisfy the GTE requirement, your circumstances must demonstrate that you intend to stay in Australia temporarily to gain an education.

The factors that are considered during the assessment of the GTE requirement include:

• Your personal circumstances in your home country
• Your potential circumstances in Australia
• The value of the program to your future
• Your immigration history; and
• Other matters relevant to your intention to remain in Australia temporarily.

GTE Form

Entry Requirements

You will find the academic and English language entry requirements in each course page’s Admission Criteria section. Only when you meet our requirements for entry will you receive an offer of admission to Avondale. International students must be at least 18 years of age before they arrive at Avondale ahead of the relevant teaching period commencing to be eligible for enrolment at Avondale University.

An offer of admission includes:

• Course details
• Fee information
• Written Student Agreement
• Written Student Agreement Acceptance Form.

Confirmation of Enrolment

When you return the signed Written Student Agreement Acceptance Form and pay your fees, we issue you with a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE). Your CoE will contain information about you, the course you will study, the estimated cost and the duration of your study. A CoE provides evidence that you are eligible to enrol at Avondale and have accepted your place. You will need a CoE when lodging your student visa application to study in Australia.

Apply for a visa as soon as you receive your CoE from Avondale.

Australian Visa

All international students must have a valid visa to study in Australia. Most international students who are accepted to study full-time at Avondale apply for a Student Visa (subclass 500).

Student Visa 

You may be able to study at Avondale if you have another type of visa. This depends on your situation.

Visa Finder 

The Department of Home Affairs issues Australian visas, and it can take a long time for visa applications to be processed, so make sure you apply as soon as possible. For more information about visas, contact the Department of Home Affairs or the Australian Embassy, High Commission or diplomatic mission in your country.

It’s your responsibility to apply for a visa, ensuring you receive it in time to travel to Australia and start your program.

Overseas Student Health Cover

It is a condition of your student visa to maintain Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the duration of your student visa. OSHC assists international students in meeting the costs of medical and hospital care they may need while in Australia.

Compare OSHC

Complying with Visa Conditions

If you are granted a student visa, you must comply with all visa conditions. These may include:

• Maintaining enrolment in a CRICOS-registered program
• Maintaining satisfactory course progress and attendance
• Holding approved Overseas Student Health Cover while you’re in Australia
• Informing Avondale immediately if you change your Australian address or contact details.

Visa Conditions

Bringing your family to Australia

You can include family members on your student visa application. For student visas, family members include your:

• Spouse or de facto partner or
• Children aged under 18.
• You can apply to have them travel at the same time as you, or they can apply to join you later.
• When applying for a student visa, you must list all dependent family members, even if they don’t plan to come to Australia.

If you bring your family to Australia, there will be extra costs. These include:

• Airfares for all family members
• Higher rent for a larger home
• Overseas Student Health Cover for all family members
• Higher living expenses (e.g. food, clothing, transport, schooling and child care).


It is a visa condition that any children aged between five and 18 must attend school full-time if they remain in Australia for three months or more. You can choose to enrol your child in a state school or a private school. State schools are public and managed by the government. Private schools operate independently, and tuition fees are higher than state schools.

info Your student visa may be assessed differently if your family accompanies you to Australia. Make sure you’re aware of the costs involved in bringing your family – as part of accepting your Avondale offer. You’ll need to declare that you have access to sufficient funds to support any dependants coming with you.

Working in Australia

Most international students with a student visa are allowed to work while studying in Australia. Casual or part-time work is a great and flexible way to earn money. Competition for casual or part-time jobs can be high, making them difficult to find. Jobs are usually offered in areas like retail, hospitality and customer service. Generally, you shouldn’t expect a casual job to cover your tuition fees or expenses.

Before you work in Australia:

• Check your visa conditions. For a Student visa (subclass 500), you can only work for a certain number of hours once your program has commenced. Make sure you understand all conditions that apply to you.
• Apply for a tax file number from the Australian Tax Office. If you don’t provide your employer with a tax file number, your income will be taxed at the highest tax rate.
• Understand your work rights in Australia. All international students are protected by Australian law while working in Australia.

Study in Australia

Cost of Living

Understand the costs you’re likely to face as a student living in Australia so you can keep to a realistic budget. Costs will vary based on a student’s personal spending habits and preferences. We have listed some categories below to help you plan.

• Accommodation/rent (on or off campus)
• Utilities (electricity, gas, water)
• Food and groceries
• Lifestyle (entertainment and socialising)
• Academic support (books, equipment, photocopying)
• Travel
• Childcare and school fees

The Australian government website MoneySmart has lots of information and advice about various financial issues, including a section specifically for students on how to live on a student budget. The Australian government website Study in Australia also estimates general living costs for students.

The Department of Home Affairs has set out financial evidence you must demonstrate. As a single student, you must show you have the financial capacity to cover living costs of at least 21,041 AUD per year. There are additional costs for extra family members.

Using this amount as a guide, a single student living away from home will require at least 1,754 AUD per month for accommodation, food, utilities and entertainment. The actual costs will depend on your lifestyle choices and needs.

On-campus Accommodation

Avondale offers accommodation at the Lake Macquarie and Sydney campuses, including independent accommodation for mature students, married couples and small families.

You will study offshore if you plan to study an Avondale course via distance (i.e., from your home country). To study offshore, you must find a course offered via distance mode. You will find the study mode listed on each course page.

Entry Requirements

You will find the academic and English language entry requirements in each course page’s Admission Criteria section. Only when you meet our requirements for entry will you receive an offer of admission to Avondale. If you study offshore, you do not need an Australian visa unless you enrol in a course with a Winter School unit or units.

Winter School

Not all courses have Winter School units. Those that do are:

• Bachelor of Arts (Counselling)
• Graduate Certificate in Educational Studies
• Graduate Diploma in Counselling
• Master of Arts
• Master of Business Administration
• Master of Education

Winter School runs for up to three weeks during June/July at our Lake Macquarie campus. Students are responsible for the cost of their return airfares, accommodation, and other living expenses during the winter school. Please refer to the residential school dates in the academic calendar.

Academic Calendar

Australian Visa

International students attending Winter School will need a visa, typically a visitor's visa. The Department of Home Affairs issues Australian visas, and it can take a long time for visa applications to be processed, so make sure you apply as soon as possible. For more information about visas, contact the Department of Home Affairs or the Australian Embassy, High Commission or diplomatic mission in your country.

Visa Finder

info It’s your responsibility to apply for a visa, ensuring you receive it in time to travel to Australia for your program.

How to Apply

Before applying, check the specific application open and close dates for onshore and offshore international applicants.

Academic Calendar → 

An automated email confirms your submission when you apply to study at Avondale. Our Student Administration Services (SAS) team will contact you within five business days to verify your application details.

Student Administration Services

We understand applying to be an international student can be a complex task. We are committed to helping you every step of the way. Contact our Student Administration Team to discuss your course preferences and entry requirements. We are here to ensure you have all the necessary information before applying.

Monday – Thursday: 8:30am – 5pm
Friday: 8:30am to 12pm
Call +61 2 4980 2377
Email [email protected]

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