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Avondale provides multiple living options that offer a dynamic social atmosphere and a supportive academic community.

Lake Macquarie

Avondale’s Lake Macquarie Residential Halls offer an on-campus experience close to classes, food, and fun activities. Click here for more information about how to apply.

Residential Halls

The Lake Macquarie Campus offers three residential halls for students aged 17-24, Andre Hall, Ella Boyd and Watson Hall. If you have any questions, email [email protected] or call +61 2 4980 2147.

Avondale University College Hall

Andre Hall

Twin rooms for females, housing 117 residents with shared living spaces, kitchen, and 24-hour secure access.

Ella Boyd

Single rooms for females, housing 161 residents with shared lounges, kitchens, study areas, and 24-hour secure access.

Watson Hall

Accommodating 158 males in single and twin rooms, featuring social spaces with a pool table, weights room, and TV areas.

Lake Macquarie Accommodation and Residential Costs

Residential Hall Room Type Price Per week per person* (AUD)
Ella Hall Single $200.20
Andre Hall Single $200.20
Andre Hall Twin Share $140.00
Watson Hall Single $200.20
Watson Hall Twin Share $140.00
*GST will be added to the above rates for Non-Avondale students.

Meal Credit Packages 2024

Option 1 $119.00 Perfect for students who prefer to cook for themselves or eat off campus for most of their meals.
Option 2 $238.00 Perfect for students who want the added convenience and social connection of regularly eating at 7@Avondale.

*Price per week however residents are not charged for meals during the Avondale mid-semester study break period. However, any unused meal credit that has rolled over can be used.

Avondale charges the residents the meal credit package fortnightly with the rent and transfers the meal credit value to their ID card to be used at 7@Avondale. Unused weekly meal credit is rolled over each fortnight but is not refundable at the conclusion of your stay.

7@Avondale ( provides food service on the University Lake Macquarie campus provides a healthy range of vegan and vegetarian food options. Meals are provided via a “buffet style” dining room, or from a café menu including hot and cold beverages, fresh-cooked pizzas, and other menu items. Residents may use the meal credits at any time to purchase breakfast, lunch, or dinner as well as snacks throughout the day from 7@Avondale.

During the mid-semester study breaks when the number of students on campus is reduced 7@Avondale may operate using a limited menu.

Residents who stay on campus outside during non-class time can use any remaining available credit on their card to purchase food items at 7@Avondale. If a resident has used up their meal credit they can pay via card via EFTPOS.

Payment Terms & Conditions

All residential offers are subject to the following conditions and payment terms:
Compulsory meal credit package
Refundable room bond (Equivalent to four weeks rent)
Room Rent in advance (Equivalent to two weeks rent)^
Meal credit in advance (Equivalent to two weeks of your selected meal credit)

^ Avondale students eligible for the Accommodation Sponsorship are exempt from this requirement.

Facilites & Conditions of Residency


All rooms are fully furnished, containing bed/s, desk/s, bookshelf, cupboards, drawers, shelves and chair/s. All rooms have window have blinds/curtains.

Subject to space you are welcome to add additional furniture to each room, such as a bar-sized refrigerator (up to 140L), television, lounge chair, coffee table and extra shelving. All personal items must be removed at the end of your stay.

Depending on demand, you may be asked to share a room (Watson Hall).


All residential halls feature shared bathroom and toilet facilities.

Common Rooms/Kitchenettes

Common rooms are located on each floor. Kitchenettes are provided in the residential halls. Kitchenettes contain a refrigerator/freezer, stove, microwave oven, and kettle. Students to supply their own cooking appliances and utensils.


Washing machines, dryers, clotheslines, and drying rooms are available in each residence. Washing machines are free of charge. Tumble dryers are $2 per 40min drying cycle. All machines are top-loaders and top-loader washing powder is recommended for all machines.

Irons and ironing boards are available in the residences, however, many residents choose to bring their own.


Mail is picked up by the on-duty RM’s and delivered to residents.


Parcels delivered can be collected from Avondale University reception. Students are notified when a parcel needs to be collected.


Limited storage facilities are available for the keeping of personal items when you aren’t staying in the residences.

Small items should be in plastic containers, sealed, and labeled with your name and date the item was put in storage. Each resident is limited to 2 x 50L storage containers. Where necessary some students will be provided with additional storage space. Storage for large items, eg bar fridges, is dependent on space available. Unclaimed items that have been stored for more than 3 months will be deemed as unwanted and disposed of.

Guest Rooms

A number of guest rooms are available in all residences for parents and friends of students. Rooms can be booked through Avondale reception on 02 4980 2222 or [email protected].

Conditions of Occupancy 

The Conditions of Occupancy may be amended at any point in time by Avondale University, please click here for the most recent version.

Schedule of Charges

For most students there should be limited additional charges as part of their standard stay. There are additional accommodation/rent charges for early arrivals and extended stays outside the semester periods.

Some of the following charges may apply:

Cleaning charge – $150 (includes common areas)
Covering smoke detector – $150
Damages charge – on a case-by-case basis (cost plus labour)
Discipline fine – $50 per infringement of the Occupancy agreement
Fire service call out – $ charged at full invoice cost of the call out
Mattress protector replacement – $50
Mattress replacement – $300
Noise curfew breached – $50
Overnight guest breach – $50
Room move fee – $150
Work health safety (WHS) breach – $150

Late Payment Charges

Late payment charges may be applied to the accounts of Avondale University students who do not pay their Residence Hall fees by the due date. For more information please refer to the financial policies Student Late Payment Charge.

Rental Periods in 2024*

Semester 1: February 25 – June 14
Semester 2: August 4 – November 17

*Extensions beyond these periods are possible.

Uni View Units

University View Units provide independent accommodation to mature students, married couples and small families.

There are 36 units in this housing community. Each unit has two bedrooms, a lounge room/living room, kitchen, bathroom, laundry, storage area and carport; all located within a 15 minute walk from the centre of campus.

Units will generally be available for occupancy at February 1 of each year.

How to Apply

Due to demand, it is recommended you lodge an application well in advance. Please note that submitting an application does not guarantee you a unit. Once a unit becomes available and financial enrolment has been confirmed, applicants will then be invited to complete a Rental Application Form with the property managing agent.

For more information, including rental costs, please email [email protected]

FAQ’s for University View Units 

How Do I Know if I Am Eligible for a Unit 

To be eligible you must be an Avondale University student studying fulltime – 3 or more Units per semester. 

How Much is the Weekly Rent 

As of January 2024, rent is $260 per week. 

How Many Bedrooms Are in the Unit 

2 bedrooms: 1 main bedroom and a small second bedroom. 

How Many People Can Live in the Unit 

A maximum of 2 adults and 2 children are permitted. 

Are the Units Furnished 

No, the units are completely empty, tenants need to source their own furniture and kitchen items. 

What is Included in the Rent 

Water is included in the rent.   

Tenants organise their own electricity to be connected. 

What about Internet 

Tenants organise their own internet, however most units are set up for our main internet provider GNet Live.  Tenants contact them directly to arrange connection. 

How Many Units are Available for Rent 

10 Units available for fulltime students who have another student (same sex), to share with them. 

25 Units for families of fulltime students. 

Is There a Waitlist. 

Yes, to get your name on the waitlist please apply via our website, this does not guarantee you a unit just that you will be on our waiting list.  You will be contacted once a unit becomes available. 

How Much do I Need to Pay to Move In 

The equivalent of four weeks rent as a bond and two weeks rent in advance. 

What Happens Once I am Offered a Unit 

Once you have been offered a unit and your enrolment verified your details are then passed on to Avondale’s Managing Agent – Ray White Real Estate in Morisset who will have you complete an application form, check your references and once eligibility is verified will offer you a lease. 

How Long is a Standard Lease Period 

We offer a 6- or 12-month lease period. 

What if I drop to below a fulltime study load 

Tenants who drop to a parttime study load you will be asked to vacate the Unit unless there are extenuating circumstances.  This will be reviewed by Avondale in conjunction with our Managing Agents. 

What if I need to leave before my lease period is up 

Tenants who wish to vacate the Unit during the term of the lease a break lease fee will apply, this could be up to 4 weeks rent depending on how far into the lease the tenant is. 

Is Maintenance Included 

Lawn maintenance is included in the rent, all other maintenance requests are to be emailed to Avondale’s Managing Agent. 

How Do I Get Mail Delivered 

There are no mailboxes for the University View Units.  Tenants are welcome to apply for a Post Office box at the local post office or have their mail sent to Avondale University.  All tenants are provided with a mailbox key for the University View Unit boxes located in the foyer of the Student Life Services building. 

Am I Allowed to Have Pets 

The University View Units have a strictly NO pets policy. 

Are the Units Air conditioned 

Most units have air conditioners but some do not, so it not guaranteed that you will have air conditioning. 

Sydney Campus

Located on the grounds of the Sydney Adventist Hospital (SAH), nursing student accommodation is provided by Adventist HealthCare Limited on behalf of Avondale. 

Why on campus living?

Living on-campus means that you can enjoy the convenience of everything being just a few minutes walk from your room – classes, cafeteria, gym, sporting facilities and social gatherings.

Housed within the one building, the gender specific female and male residences house up to 240 boarders. Student rooms are all single occupancy with use of shared facilities.

Age restrictions are applied to applicants, with a minimum acceptable age of 18 years of age. Applicants under the age of 18 years are advised to attend the Lake Macquarie campus for their first year of study.

Visit the Sydney Adventist Hospital website for more information. If you have any questions, email [email protected] or phone +61 2 9480 9330.

Our Campuses

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