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Scripture, Spirituality and Society Research Centre

Established in 2019, the Scripture, Spirituality and Society Research Centre at Avondale University:

1. Provides an environment for interdisciplinary and inter-institutional research relating to matters of Scripture, Spirituality and Society.
2. Seeks out research that that has practical applications that meets identified needs in the Christian Church and the wider community.
3. Acts as a forum where academic discussion relating to the nexus between Scripture and Spirituality is encouraged.
4. Highlights the core spiritual heritage and ongoing vision of Avondale University, respects historical roots within Seventh-day Adventism, and welcomes dialogue with the broader community.


  1. The Spirituality and Worship Research Centre was established by Avondale University Council in 2015 to act as a focus of research clustered around one of Avondale’s long-term core values, Christian Spirituality. After a review of the operations of the centre in 2018 by the senior executive team at Avondale, in consultation with key researchers and the research committee, in 2019 the Council decided to expand the scope of the centre, and to capture this new scope by renaming it as the Scripture, Spirituality and Society Research Centre.

Annual Report

The latest Annual Report documenting the activities of this Centre can be viewed on the Strategy and Performance page.

Activities and Plans

The Scripture, Spirituality and Society Research Centre acts as a research hub by being a source of directed research funding, a host of conjoint and adjunct scholars, of PhD students, and of research activities relating to its purposes. It is working to establish links with academics from all parts of the world – including Australia, naturally – who are actively involved in researching topics related to Scripture, Spirituality and Society, and would welcome inquiries from interested academics.


Fostering the spirituality of its staff and students has been at the centre of Avondale’s Mission since its establishment in 1897. This emphasis is clear in the “Introduction” of the earliest surviving “Calendar”, that of 1899, which opens with the words, “True education is the co-operation of man with God in working out the plan of redemption; it is a process by which God works in man to restore His image in the soul.” It also states in its second to last paragraph that “The present is emphatically an age of reform, and we profess to be a progressive people. The gospel message for this time is a three-fold message, its work being to reveal three phases of truth, physical, mental, spiritual.” [“Third Annual Calendar: The Avondale School for Christian Workers, 1899,” pp. 9, 12].

Subsequent to its 19th century beginnings, the Avondale School of Christian Workers has transformed itself into the Avondale Missionary College, and more recently Avondale University. This trajectory from secondary school, through a teaching-focused tertiary educational institution, to an institution poised to become recognized as a research and teaching focused University, has brought great changes. But throughout its history, biblical studies and spirituality has remained at the core of Avondale’s values. The Avondale Scripture, Spirituality and Society Research Centre is a tangible representation that these core values remain central to Avondale as research becomes a greater part of the activities of Avondale’s faculty members and students.

In 2018, Avondale’s senior executive reviewed the activities and scope of the Spirituality and Worship Research Centre and discovered that while there was significant research taking place at Avondale in the areas of spirituality and worship, these terms didn’t encompass some other significant centres of research excellence in the Avondale Seminary in the areas of biblical, theological and church ministry studies. It was decided that renaming the centre, the Avondale Scripture Spirituality and Society Research Centre would preserve the research links that were already in place, while also expanding the scope of the Centre’s activity to include the work of more of the academics of the Avondale Seminary and their PhD students. Including the word “society” in the title of the research centre not only encompasses the research taking place in the area of Church Ministry, it also include more of the researchers of academics and PhD students based currently in the School of Arts. These and other arguments were persuasive to Avondale University Council, and the centre was renamed in 2019.


The Scripture, Spirituality and Society Research Centre is governed by the Scripture, Spirituality and Society Research Centre Board.


Professor Rob McIver
Lake Macquarie Campus, Avondale University
Telephone: +61 2 4980 2233
Email: [email protected]

Assistant Director
Professor Tracie Mafile’o
Lake Macquarie Campus, Avondale University
Telephone: +61 2 4980 2198
Email: [email protected]

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Our Impact

Critiquing the Anzac legend


TeamAssociate Professor Daniel Reynaud, Avondale University
DescriptionThis research critiques key elements of the Anzac legend through the lenses of cinema and of religion. A closer study of Anzac cinema reveals the ways in which the legend has evolved over time, adapting to contemporary concerns and challenging its monolithic reputation. The study of Anzac interactions with religion during the First World War challenges widely held scholarly and popular conclusions about the secularity of the Anzacs.
Impact SummaryThis research has resulted in the publication of a number of scholarly works, as well as a series of audio-visual productions, popular publications and public presentations.


The research evolved from Associate Professor Reynaud’s PhD topic and parallels important research into the development of the Anzac legend in print and popular culture. Both cinema and religion offer vantage points from which to critique aspects of Anzac mythology.


The focus of this work has been on ways in which particular entrenched popular and scholarly representations of the Anzacs are challenged by exploring both fictional representations and archival sources. A study of Anzac cinema particularly challenges popular contemporary notions of Anzac as a homogenous and unifying myth of Australian nationalism, while a study of the Anzacs and religion challenges scholarly writing on the inherent secularity of the Anzacs.


The impact of Associate Professor Reynaud’s research is evidenced by the following:

  1. Publications: Fifteen refereed journal articles (including ERA-ranked A* and A journals), ten book- chapters (mostly commissioned by international publishers) and four monographs (one commissioned by the National Film and Sound Archive (NFSA).
  2. Citations: Over 40 scholarly citations. The book Celluloid Anzacs is a core text in several university courses.
  3. Recovery of four lost silent Australian war films:
    1. The Hero of the Dardanelles (1915): lost footage, stills and the original screenplay of Australia’s first Gallipoli movie were identified, and the film partially reconstructed through the NFSA. Commercially released on DVD in 2015, the centenary of its initial release.
    2. The Exploits of the Emden (1928): reassembled at the NFSA from the two surviving films into which the original had been divided.
    3. For Australia & How We Beat the Emden (1915): Two significant films thought lost until identified by Associate Professor Reynaud in a British archive merged as one film under a different title. The research identified their origins and a copy is now held in the NFSA.
  4. Documentaries: eight half-hour documentaries. The eight documentaries have been screened in prime slots on Anzac Days in 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2015, as well as being re-broadcast in specialist religious television slots and on Christian television networks. In each case, the original commercial broadcaster chose to air the program to a daytime audience which is a rare outcome for Christian television products.

    Using the Seven Network’s figures, the most successful episode, ‘Faith of the Anzacs’, in 2010 achieved an estimated audience of 250,000 people in the eastern states alone. While the average audience response to an It is Written Oceania program is of the order of 160 offers and 75 new contacts per week, that episode alone generated 1,000 responses in the first 24 hours. The episode also won two awards: Silver Angel Award 2011 National Television, for Excellence in Media; and Australian Cinematographers Society NSW & ACT Bronze Award, Documentaries, Cinema & TV.
  5. Public presentations and popular publications: A series of radio, television and newspaper interviews, articles & public presentations, including lecture/screenings at the Australian Centre of the Moving Image (Melbourne), the Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance, Avondale University (Cooranbong), Heroes and Horsemen (Waverley Council, Sydney), the Newcastle Film Festival, lectures at schools, clubs, organisations and churches. An article for a popular magazine won an Australian Religious Publishing Association Bronze Award for Best Profile Story in 2013.
  6. Teaching: The research prompted explorations of innovative teaching in the area of the World Wars, resulting in an institutional Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning in 2008 and an ALTC Learning & Teaching Citation in 2009.

Future Direction

Associate Professor Daniel Reynaud is currently writing monographs and peer-reviewed journal articles which include further investigation of Anzac chaplains and spirituality, comparative studies of war film, and war graphic novels.

Field of Research (FOR)

190204 Film and Television
200212 Screen and Media Culture
210303 Australian History
220401 Christian Studies


National Film and Sound Archives, screen writer and historian Stephen Vagg, Associate Professor Phil Fitzsimmons, Professor Jane Fernandez, Signs Publishing Company, and It Is Written Oceania.

Supporting Publications


Daniel Reynaud, Celluloid Anzacs: Representations of the Great War in Australian cinema and television dramas. PhD, University of Newcastle, 1997

Journal articles

Reynaud, D. ‘Convention and contradiction: representations of women in Australian war films, 1914-1918,’ in Australian Historical Studies, Vol 30, No 113, October 1999.

Reynaud, D., ‘The influence of dramas on the Anzac legend between the wars,’ in Illusions: New Zealand Moving Image and Performing Arts Criticism, No 32, Winter, 2001.

Reynaud, D. ‘The effectiveness of Australian film propaganda for the war effort 1914–1918,’Screening the Past, Issue 20, December 2006.

Reynaud, D. ‘The changing Anzac legend in three key Australian films,’ Screening the Past, Issue 22, December 2007.

Reynaud, D. ‘Dealing with historical movies in the History and English classroom,’ in Teach, Journal of Christian Education, Vol 2 No 2, December 2008.

Reynaud, D. ‘The legend of William McKenzie,’ in Lucas, 2:7, June 2014.

Reynaud, D ‘Film/Cinema (Australia)’, in: 1914–1918-online. International Encyclopedia of the First World War, ed. by Ute Daniel, Peter Gatrell, Oliver Janz, Heather Jones, Jennifer Keene, Alan Kramer, and Bill Nasson, issued by Freie Universität Berlin, Berlin 2014-10-08. DOI:

Reynaud, D. ‘Religion and the Anzac legend on screen’, in St Mark’s Review: a journal of Christian thought & opinion, 231(1), April 2015.

Reynaud, D. ‘Attitudes to Compulsory Church Parades in the AIF: Signs of Spiritual Crisis or Evidence of Unexpected Commitment?’ Journal of Religious History, in publication

Reynaud, D. ‘Dodging a Bullet: Australian Seventh-day Adventism and the Great War,’ Spes Christiana, Friedensau, Germany, in press.

Reynaud, D. ‘Revisiting the secular Anzac: the Anzacs and religion,’ Lucas, in press.

Reynaud, D. & Miler, L. ‘Australian Chaplains at Gallipoli: role, impact and influence,’ 4th International Symposium on Gallipoli, in press.

Reynaud, D., Rickett, C. & Bogacs, P. ‘“Beyond telling:” Narrating trauma in the wartime writings of Great War AIF Chaplain William McKenzie.’ Teach Journal, 10(1) May 2016.Vagg, S. & Reynaud, D. ‘Alfred Rolfe: Forgotten Pioneer Australian Film Director,’ Studies in Australasian Cinema, 7 June 2016, DOI: 10.1080/17503175.2016.1170950.

Book chapters

Fitzsimmons, P. & Reynaud, D. ‘Comics/Graphic Novels/Bandes Dessinées and the Representation of the Great War.’ In The Great War in Post-Memory Literature and Film. Löschnigg, M. & Sokołowska-Paryż, M. (eds.) Berlin & Boston: Walter de Gruyter, 2014.

Reynaud, D. ‘Australian Cinema and the War Effort.’ In Our Selection On Writings on Cinema’s Histories: Selected papers from the 7th Australian History and Film Conference, National Film and Sound Archive and ANU, Canberra 30 November — 2 December 1995, Doyle, J., van der Heide, B. & Cowan, S. (eds.). Canberra: NFSA/ADFA, 1998.

Reynaud, D. ‘Constructing the Anzac Image: A study of Australia’s first three Gallipoli movies 1915–16.’ In Dooley, M. (ed.). Credits Rolling: Selected papers, 12th Biennial Conference of the Film and History Association of Australia and New Zealand. Canberra: National Film and Sound Archive, 2005.

Reynaud, D. ‘Film and National Mythology: The Anzac legend in Australian films.’ In Creative Nation: Australian cinema and cultural studies reader, Sarwal, A. and Sarwal. R.(eds.). New Delhi: SSS Publications, 2009.

Reynaud, D. ‘War Cinema.’ In Directory of World Cinema, Vol 3, Australia and New Zealand,Goldsmith, B. & Lealand, G. (eds.). Bristol & Chicago: Intellect Press & University of Chicago Press, 2010.

Reynaud, D. ‘War and Society: Introduction.’ In Making Film and Television Histories: Australia and New Zealand, Bennett, J. E. & and Beirne, R. (eds.) London, New York: I. B. Tauris, 2011.

Reynaud, D. ‘Gallipoli.’ In Making Film and Television Histories: Australia and New Zealand, Bennett, J. E. & Beirne, R. (eds.) London, New York: I. B. Tauris, 2011.

Reynaud, D. ‘National Versions of the Great War: Modern Australian Anzac Cinema’. In The Great War in Post-Memory Literature and Film. Löschnigg, M. & Sokołowska-Paryż, M. (eds.) Berlin & Boston: Walter de Gruyter, 2014.

Daniel Reynaud, ‘War.’ In Directory of World Cinema: Australian & New Zealand Cinema, Vol. 2. Ben Goldsmith, B., Ryan, M. D. & Lealand, G. (eds.). Bristol & Chicago: Intellect, 2015.

Reynaud, D. & Fernandez, J. ‘“To Thrash the Offending Adam out of Them”: The theology of violence in the writings of Great War Anzacs.’ In Secularisation: New Historical Perspectives, Hartney, C. (ed.). Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2014.


Reynaud, D. The Hero of the Dardanelles and other World War I Silent Dramas. Canberra: National Film and Sound Archive Monographs, 2005.

Reynaud, D. Celluloid Anzacs: The Great War through Australian Cinema. Melbourne: Australian Scholarly Publishing, 2007.

Reynaud, D. The Man the Anzacs Revered: William ‘Fighting Mac’ McKenzie, Anzac Chaplain.Warburton Vic: Signs Publishing, 2015.

Reynaud, D. & Kent, G. Faith of the Anzacs. Sydney: It Is Written Oceania/Adventist Media Network, 2010.


Hamilton, M & Reynaud, D. The Kings (Anzac Heritage). It Is Written Oceania/Adventist Media Network. 27 minutes. 24 & 25 April Hope channel various times, 26 April Ch 7 3:30am & Ch 10 4:30am, 28 April ACC 7pm, 2015.

Hamilton, M & Reynaud, D. The Lavertys (Anzac Heritage). It Is Written Oceania/Adventist Media Network. 27 minutes. 10 & 11 April Hope channel various times, 12 April Ch 7 3:30am & Ch 10 4:30am, 14 April ACC 7pm, 2015.

Hamilton, M & Reynaud, D. The Tom Richards Story (Anzac Heritage). It Is Written Oceania/Adventist Media Network. 27 minutes. 17 & 18 April Hope channel various times, 19 April Ch 7 3:30am & Ch 10 4:30am, 21 April ACC 7pm, 2015.

Livingstone, D. Hamilton, M. & Reynaud, D. Faith of the Anzacs. It Is Written Oceania/Adventist Media Network. 23 minutes. Channel 7, 25 April, 2010.

Livingstone, D. Hamilton, M. & Reynaud, D. Brothers in Arms: Anzac Chaplains. It Is Written Oceania/Adventist Media Network. 23 minutes. Channel 7, 25 April 2010.

Livingstone, D. Hamilton, M. & Reynaud, D. Fighting Mac: the story of William McKenzie. It Is Written Oceania/Adventist Media Network. 23 minutes. Channel 7, 25 April 2012.

Livingstone, D. Hamilton, M. & Reynaud, D. Bennett: Gallipoli chaplain. It Is Written Oceania/Adventist Media Network. 23 minutes. Channel 7, 25 April 2014.

Livingstone, D. Hamilton, M. & Reynaud, D. The Kiwi Chaplains. It Is Written Oceania/Adventist Media Network. 23 minutes. NZTV, 24 April 2015.

Reynaud, D. & Dooley M., The Exploits of the Emden. Film reconstruction. National Film and Sound Archive, April 2005. Archival Reconstruction.

Reynaud, D. & Dooley, M. The Hero of the Dardanelles: Gallipoli Centenary Edition. National Film and Sound Archive, April 2015. Archival Reconstruction.

Adult Bible Study Guide or Sabbath-School Quarterly and Accompanying Books


TeamAssoc Prof Steve Thompson, Avondale University
Dr Borge Schantz, Loma Linda University, California
Dr David Tasker, Avondale University
Assoc Prof Robert McIver, Avondale University
DescriptionWriting the Sabbath School Quarterly Lessons for the World Seventh-day Adventist Church and the accompanying book.
3rd Quarter 2015: Borge Schantz and Steven Thompson, “Biblical Misisonaries” 1st Quarter 2016: David Tasker, “Rebellion and Redemption”
2nd Quarter 2017: Robert McIver, “1 and 2 Peter”
Impact SummaryRead carefully by millions in most recognized countries across the globe, and in most major language groups.


There are approximately 78,000 officially recognized SDA churches world-wide. Each one of these runs a Sabbath School program in addition to the church service. Almost all of them devote significant time during the Sabbath School to the study of a set range of topics found in the Senior Bible Study Guide, or Sabbath School quarterly.


Schantz, Thompson, Tasker and McIver have been invited to contribute the Sabbath School
lessons and the accompanying books because of their expertise in the topics that have been set, as evidenced by publications relating to the topic. Adult Bible Study Guide is refereed by an international panel; and the 2016 book by McIver was also refereed.


Schantz, Thompson, Tasker and McIver have expressed their academic expertise in a form accessible to a wide range of readers. The resultant Bible Study Guides have been studied intensively by millions of Seventh-day Adventists in most organized countries and language-groups across the globe. Their work has been extensively translated and distributed. According to Clifford Goldstein, the editor of the Adult Sabbath School Quarterly, “the vast majority of the churches have some access to the ABSG [Adult Bible Study Guide].” He estimates that the ABSG is translated into about 120 languages, that “a few million” are printed, and “it is all over the Web now, too.”

Field of Research (FOR)

220401 Christian Studies (incl. Biblical Studies and Church History)


General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, Silver Springs, MD; together with the Sabbath School Departments in each of the 13 divisions of the World Church.

Supporting Publications

McIver, Thompson and Tasker have published widely in areas related to the topics on which they wrote the Adult Bible Study Guides. The following were published to accompany the Adult Bible Study Guides:

Schantz, Borge, and Steven Thompson (2014). Biblical Missionaries. Nampa, ID: Pacific Press.

Tasker, David (2015). Rebellion and Redemption. Nampa, ID: Pacific Press.

McIver, Robert K. (2016). 1 and 2 Peter. Nampa, ID: Pacific Press.

Our People

Professor Robert K. McIver
SSSRC Director

Associate Professor Kayle de Waal

Dr Wendy Jackson

Dr Peter Kilgour

Professor Tracie Mafile’o

Associate Professor Kevin Petrie

Dr Lynnette Lounsbury

Associate Professor Carolyn Rickett

Professor Daniel Reynaud

Dr John Skrzypaszek

Professor Anthony Williams

Dr David Tasker

Dr Erika Puni

Our Projects

Perceptions of Mission by Employees of Adventist Institutions Survey

Global Adventist Pastors Survey

Projects Funded by Scripture, Spirituality and Society Research Centre

Current Projects

Project TitleResearchersTimelineProject Information
Understanding the ‘Social Imaginaries’ Underpinning George Miller’s ‘Mad Max’ Cinematic ProductionsPhil Fitzsimmons2024-2025This project differs to the typical text analysis process of cinematic research, in that the aim is to also incorporated the perspectives of those who actually took part in the production process.
Chasing the Dawn’s Early Light: Manifest Destiny and American Identity in Modern FictionDaniel Carrigy2024-2025Book Project which applies a manifest destiny reading to modern and contemporary American literature, film, and television.
Analysis of Australian Pastors Preaching topics Through COVID19 in comparison to GAPS DataNeil Thompson, Brendan Pratt, Rob McIver2024-2025Exploration of preaching data from quarterly ministerial reports from Adventist pastors working around Australia.
Faith and Career Decision Making in Regional, Remote and Rural SchoolsBen Archer2024-2025The proposed project will examine the role that faith has in the decision-making processes of school students in regional, remote and rural communities in Australia.
Faith experiences of Adventists in communist countries and accounts of their escapes to Australia during the Cold War.Vladka Henley2024-2025Analysis of oral history of Adventists living in Australia who left European communist countries.
First nations community development (ADRA)Tracie Mafile’o2024-2025Research that will inform ADRA Australia’s programming to better respond to first nations needs and aspirations.
Youth Ministry: The Lived ExperiencePeter Williams, John Skrzypaszek, & Anthony Williams2023-2025A book-length report of research previously funded in part by SSSRC. Funds to be used for copyediting and layout.
Developing a Research Agenda: Collaborative and Impactful Research for Adventist Ministry and Education in Australia and New ZealandProf Tracie Mafile’o, Dr Erika Puni,                Dr Michelle Ralston, Daniela Brown (Bethlehem Tertiary Institute) &                                Dr Branimir Schubert (Spero Consulting)2023-2025This study seeks to engage a sample of ministers, educators, and leaders employed by the Seventh-day Adventist church in Australia and New Zealand to: – Identify key research questions/topics. – Develop a research agenda to inform research undertaken by Avondale University researchers (postgraduate and faculty). – Build mutually beneficial, collaborative partnerships
Mimesis and aphormé in classical literature and in the Gospel of LukeHensley Gungadoo2023-2025Travel and accommodation associated with visiting non-lending reference libraries for access to classical literature and its secondary literature.
Investigating the spirituality of students in Adventist Schools: Broadening the HorizonsDr Phil Fitzsimmons and Dr Barry Hill2023-2025This project seeks to explore, crystallize and propositionalize sixty students understanding of the term ‘spirituality’.

Completed Projects

Project TitlePartner / Funding BodyResearchersTime-lineProject Information
Spiritual Lives of 21 ANZACSSWRCA/Prof Daniel Reynaud (Avondale)2018-2019Book project: funds to cover travel & accommodation to Canberra to consult diaries not yet online at the Research Centre of the War Memorial; and to purchase rights to photographs from the Australian War Memorial for the book project.
Youth Ministry: the lived experienceSWRC, CERC, Research OfficeProf Tony Williams (Avondale/ U of Wollongong)
A/Prof Kevin Petrie (Avondale)
Dr Peter Kilgour (Avondale)
Dr John Skzypaszek (Avondale)
2018-2019The 2018 Global Youth Leaders Congress (GYLC) provides a unique opportunity to look at the work of Youth Ministry, but through a different lens, utilising the lived experience methodology as a lens for better understanding the activity.
Perceptions of Spirituality: Exploring the spectrum of beliefs in one Israeli universitySWRCA/Prof Phil Fitzsimmons (Avondale)
Dr Jon Kasler (Tel Hai University Israel)
Ms Edie Lanphar (Holy Cross Catholic School, Ventura, CA)
2017-2018This qualitative project seeks to explore the concept of ‘spirituality’ in one university in Israel. A contested research space in regard to tertiary students and tertiary institutions (Hyde 2008), the respondents in this project represent the broad spectrum of cultural and religious belief systems in Israel.
Projects Funded by External Sources

Current Projects

Project TitlePartner / Funding BodyResearchersTimelineProject Information
Perceptions held by Employees of Seventh-day Adventist Organizations of their Relationship to the Mission of the ChurchGeneral Conference of Seventh-day Adventists office of Archives Statistics and Research; SWRCProf Rob McIver (Avondale) , Prof Tony Williams (Avondale/ U of Wollongong), Dr Peter Kilgour (Avondale), Dr Wendy Jackson (Avondale), Dr Sherry Hattingh (Avondale)2011-2025The aim of this project is to survey employees of Seventh-day Adventist institutions in the 13 world divisions of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (GC) to determine their perceptions of their relationship and the institution’s relationship to the mission of the Adventist Church. The institutions of interest are in the education sector (primary, secondary and tertiary levels), healthcare, publishing, and food industries.
Global Adventist Pastors’ SurveyGeneral Conference of Seventh-day Adventists office of Archives Statistics and ResearchProf Rob McIver (Avondale) , Prof Tony Williams (Avondale/ U of Wollongong), Dr Wendy Jackson (Avondale), Dr Erika Puni (Avondale), Dr Brendan Prat (Australian Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists), Dr Stephen Currow (Newbold College).2021-2024This project is to design and implement a survey of pastors in local churches from all 13 Divisions of the world-wide Seventh-day Adventist Church in order to discover more about their spiritual life, their attitude to the Adventist Church’s Fundamental Beliefs, their attitude to church authority, the Adventist message they preach, their Pastors’ priorities in and attitude to mission, etc…
Adventist Families in AustraliaSouth Pacific Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, for the Australian Union ConferenceProf Tracie Mafile’o (Avondale), Prof Rob McIver (Avondale), Dr Barry Gane (Avondale), Pr Colin Renfrew2023-2024This mixed methods study investigates the changing make-up of Adventist families in Australia, issues affecting Adventist families, how family make-up and family issues impact Christian life practices, how the church can best support Adventist families, how family worship and individual Christian life discipleship practices can be strengthened and provides recommendations for strengthening family ministries in the Adventist church in Australia.
Grit in MinistrySouth Pacific Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, for the New Zealand Pacific Union ConferenceProf Tracie Mafile’o (Avondale)2024The aim of this qualitative research is to deepen understanding of grit (perseverance and passion for long-term-goals) in pastoral ministry and how it can be developed for pastors in the New Zealand Pacific Union Conference.
First Nations Community DevelopmentADRA AustraliaProf Tracie Mafile’o (Avondale), Dr Francis Bobongie-Harris (QUT), Shanelle Fiaalii (QUT)2023-2024This research investigates effective First Nations community development approaches in Australia. The study also examines how ADRA Australia could strengthen its responsiveness and community development with First Nations communities in Australia. This is a qualitative study utilising Indigenous research methodologies (yarning circles) in several sites around Australia.

Completed Projects

Investigating the Status of Six Church Plants on Seventh-day Adventist School CampusesSouth Pacific Division of the Seventh-day Adventist ChurchDr Kayle de Waal (Avondale)
Dr Peter Beamish (Avondale)
Dr Jason Hinze (Avondale)
Dr Erika Puni (Avondale)
Joe Azzopardi (Avondale HDR student)
2017 Global Church Member Survey – South Pacific DivisionGeneral Conference of Seventh-day Adventists office of Archives Statistics and Research; SWRCDr Peter Beamish (Avondale)
Dr David Tasker (Avondale)
Dr Kayle de Waal (Avondale)
Dr Kevin Petrie (Avondale)
Dr Lindsay Morton (Avondale)
Prof Rob McIver (Avondale)
Prof Tony Williams (Avondale)
A book titled “Anzac Spirituality: The First AIF soldiers speak”Avondale Research Services OfficeA/Prof Daniel Reynaud (Avondale)2008-2018Publication: Reynaud, D. (2018). Anzac spirituality: The first AIF soldiers speak. Melbourne, Australia: Australian Scholarly.
Motives for Tithing amongst Seventh-day Adventist Members, Analysis of Age Related Giving Patterns and Other Tithe-Related MattersGeneral Conference of Seventh-day Adventists office of Archives Statistics and ResearchProf Robert K. McIver (Avondale)2012-2016Results published in: Robert K. McIver, Tithing Practices Among Seventh-day Adventists: A Study of Tithe Demographics and Motives in Australia, Brazil, England, Kenya and the United States (Cooranbong, NSW; Silver Spring MD: Avondale Academic Press/General Conference Office of Archives, Statistics and Research, 2016).
South Pacific Discipleship Research ProjectSouth Pacific Division of the Seventh-day Adventist ChurchDr Kayle de Waal (Avondale)
Dr Kevin Petrie (Avondale)
Dr Sherry Hattingh (Avondale)
Dr Lindsay Morton (Avondale)
Dr Rick Ferret (Avondale)
Julie-Anne Heise (Avondale)
2014-2015The aim of this research project is:to provide an objective description of a Seventh-day Adventist disciple of Jesusto provide a criterion/criteria by which the attainment of discipleship may be measured and shared in the context of the SDA Church mission
Incorporating Student Experience and Transformative Learning into Curriculum Design and Planning of Undergraduate Theological DegreesOffice of Learning and TeachingProf Peter Sherlock (UD)
Prof Rob McIver (Avondale)
Prof Neil Ormerod (ACU)
Dr Gerard Moore (CSU)
Dr Mark Harding (ACT)
Dr Neil Holm (SCD)
2010-2012Leslie J. Ball, Transforming theology: student experience and transformative learning in undergraduate theological education (Northcote, VIC: Morning Star, 2012)
Uncovering Theology: The Depth, Reach and Utility of Australian Theological EducationOffice of Learning and TeachingProf Paul Bierne (Lead Investigator) (ACU)
Dr Rob McIver (Avondale)
Prof Neil Ormerod
Dr Gerard Moore
2008Charles Sherlock, Uncovering Theology: the depth, reach and utility of Australian theological education (Adelaide: ATF, 2009)
SSSRC Presentation Series
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