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School of Nursing and Health

The School of Nursing and Health is located on both Sydney and Lake Macquarie campuses. The Sydney campus is located on the grounds of the Sydney Adventist Hospital, a leading private healthcare institution in Australia, and renowned for its exceptional patient care, advanced medical technology, and commitment to holistic healing. The Lake Macquarie campus has brand new state of the art nursing facilities, and is home to our Lifestyle Medicine and Health Research Centre. 

Our school staff are prominent figures in the health and medical industry at local, national and international levels. Notably, Professor Darren Morton sits on the editorial board of the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, is the Founder and Owner of The Lift Project and contributed to widely-used lifestyle program, the Comprehensive Health Improvement Project (CHIP). Professor Brett Mitchell was appointed Member of the Order of Australia General Division for his service to nursing and infection prevention and control, particularly during the Pandemic. Our Sydney campus chaplain and Nursing and Health Lecturer, Dr Drene Somasundram, was awarded Woman Of the Year (2023) by Association of Adventist Women for her pioneering spirit and dedication to ministry.

School of Education and Science

The School of Education and Science is located on the Lake Macquarie campus and prepares future educators and scientists to make a meaningful difference in the world. With a curriculum grounded in the principles of faith-based learning and evidence-based practice, the School of Education and Science equips students with the knowledge, skills, and ethical framework necessary to thrive in their chosen fields. 

The School staff is comprised of experienced educators, researchers, and industry professionals, and serve as mentors and guides to our students.

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School of Arts and Business

The School of Arts and Business is located on the Lake Macquarie campus. Through creativity, critical thinking and collaboration, the school offers a dynamic christian community where students are empowered to pursue their passions and cultivate their talents. With 15 disciplines, the school allows students to explore everything from Marketing, Accounting, Human Resource Management, to English, Visual Arts, History, Music, Communication, Geography, Religious Studies, and Chaplaincy.

Our staff offer industry knowledge, with regular engagement in industry and community events, research, committees and governing boards. School staff, contribute to academic journals such as Australian Historical Studies, Journal of Religious History, and TEACH Journal of Christian Education. Notably, Professor Daniel Reynaud was appointed visiting Historian for the ANZAC War Memorial in Hyde Park, Sydney, Australia. School staff also sit on multiple committees and boards, including the SPD CCMF Ltd Board Of Directors and National Heads of Counselling. 

Avondale Seminary

The Avondale Seminary is located on the Lake Macquarie campus. The Seminary offers a place of spiritual growth for our students. With a rich heritage, the seminary has cultivated a reputation for excellence in theological education, equipping students with the knowledge, skills, and spiritual depth necessary for effective Seventh-Day Adventist ministry and service. The faculty, comprised of esteemed theologians and ministers, provide a nurturing environment where students engage in rigorous study, theological reflection, and practical ministry training.

Our school staff actively supports global research initiatives. Four staff members contributed  the research team that managed the Global Adventist Pastors Survey, and Rob McIver, Wendy Jackson, Erika Puni and Neil Thompson are listed as co-authors of the final report of this survey. Seminary members are currently working on academic papers and articles for denominational journals that will report on various aspects of the data collected.

Avondale Conservatorium

The Avondale Conservatorium is nested on the Lake Macquarie campus and is a place for musical excellence and artistic expression rooted in Christian values. Whether studying classical repertoire, jazz improvisation, or contemporary composition, students are challenged to push the boundaries of their craft while remaining grounded in the rich heritage of musical tradition. Students are encouraged to participate in performance opportunities to build stage presence and confidence, through practicing in The Promise, the Conservatorium’s singing ensemble.

The Conservatorium staff are active members in the music community. The Director of the Conservatorium has guest conducted for the Sydney Musical Choir, guest presented for the Kodály Music Education Institute of Australia (KMEIA), and performed and produced Avondale University’s Homecoming program. 

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