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My Career Match

Sometimes you need a little advice to help you work out which career path to take. There are lots of options and it can be hard to know where to start! My Career Match is a special personality test that:

  • Helps you understand yourself better
  • Provides career suggestions based on your personality.

After completing My Career Match, you will receive a report all about your personality type as well as career options for you to consider. This is not a normal test – you can’t pass or fail. The more honest you are about yourself, the more helpful your report will be!

IMPORTANT: You will be asked to provide a code when you finish the personality survey.

If you are with a school group:
Your teacher or an Avondale representative will provide you with a code

If you are NOT with a school group:
Your code is: AVD:4
Write this down or screenshot it now so you don’t forget!

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