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50% fee discount in 2024

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Our Bachelor of Ministry and Theology and Bachelor of Theology equip you with the knowledge and skills to build a strong church and community.

The ministry and theology degree helps you grow spiritually and prepares you for employment in Seventh-day Adventist and other Christian churches and organisations. With practical experience opportunities, strong church connections and one-on-one support, you’ll be work-ready when you graduate.


Avondale's Ministry and Theology courses are designed to prepare you for work in a range of church and not-for-profit organisations as well as government and private organisations. The ministry qualifications are designed to equip you with knowledge and skills needed to build a strong church and community.

Most courses are offered either on-campus or via distance education, allowing you to fit your study around work, social or family commitments. With practical experience opportunities, strong industry contacts and one-on-one support, you are provided the opportunity to be work-ready upon graduation.

Bachelor of Ministry and Theology (BMinTh)*

Avondale's BMinTh is designed to prepare you for employed ministry in Seventh-day Adventist churches and organisations, and other Christian denominational churches. An honours course is also available, providing you with advanced study and further pastoral and theological reflection.

Bachelor of Theology (BTh)*

For those interested in the study and understanding of theology and the Bible, Avondale's Bachelor of Theology gives you the opportunity to study the theological disciplines for either personal interest or as a preparation for postgraduate study and a possible academic career in theology.

Associate Degree in Theological Studies (AssocDegTheolStuds)

For those interested in studying theology, the Bible and improving practical ministry skills, Avondale's AssocDegTheolStuds provides a two-year study of basic theology, the Bible, and church ministry.
*Majors are available in these courses. For more information contact Avondale Admissions.

Postgraduate & Research

Expand your horizons and develop a systematic and critical understanding of complex research fields with the internationally-recognised Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and Master of Philosophy (MPhil).
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Master of Ministry (MMin)

The Master of Ministry is the new entry point for those who have a degree in another discipline and are interested in preparing for ministry. Avondale's Master of Ministry is a two-year graduate-entry degree designed specifically to prepare you for employed ministry in Seventh-day Adventist churches and organisations, or churches of other Christian denominations.

Ministry Practicum Handbook

Explore the exciting experiential learning opportunities you will receive as part of Avondale Seminary's field education program.

Versatility in the ministry and theology courses can assist in balancing work, family and study commitments.

50% fee discount available in 2024

This is a fee discount and the money will be deducted from eligible student fees once the student has accepted an offer to study a Bachelor of Ministry and Theology, Bachelor of Theology, or a Master of Ministry at Avondale University and has enrolled in 2024.

1. Offer is available to eligible Australian and New Zealand students.
2. Offer is limited to students enrolling at Avondale University for the first time, commencing their Bachelor of Ministry and Theology, Bachelor of Theology, or Master of Ministry in 2024.
3. The 50% fee discount is only for 2024.
4. The discount applies if you maintain good academic progress. This means you must pass at least half of the units in which you enrol in the previous semester.

Daniel's Story

"I chose Avondale because it has the best course for theology, provides a supportive and intimate community, and is situated in a beautiful place." 

- Daniel, Bachelor of Ministry and Theology
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