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Pathway Options

There’s more than one way. Avondale University offers pathway programs and other entry options to help you develop the skills you need to succeed at university and beyond.

I didn't get the required ATAR/selection rank

No worries! You may be eligible for Adjustment Factors →, up to 10 points depending on your circumstances. There are also VET courses → that will allow you entry into certain degrees. Our Undergraduate Certificate in University Preparation → is another great pathway into your degree - we even have a scholarship that wipes the cost of three units off your certificate.

I didn't complete Year 12

You still have options! If you have completed any tertiary studies you may be eligible for Credit-based Pathways →. If you haven’t, our courses with a lower entry requirement are a great option! You can also take the uniTEST and the Tertiary Online Writing Assessment (TOWA) →, which are open to applicants who haven't met uni entry requirements.

I'm in Year 12 and want an early offer

We can help with that! Our Early Entry program looks at your Year 11 results and unique skills instead of your ATAR. 

Find out more →

I'm an international applicant

We're excited to have you! There are multiple pathways into our courses that can help you move towards a higher education degree. See our available Diplomas and Certs. Our Outdoor Leadership → program is also a direct pathway into Teaching.

I'm a mature-age student

No worries! A Diploma can be a direct Credit-based Pathway → into a Bachelor degree for those who have completed tertiary studies. uniTEST and Tertiary Online Writing Assessment (TOWA) → can help you meet entry requirements into your preferred course.

Adjustment Factors

Adjustment points may give you entry into an undergraduate degree at Avondale when added to your ATAR. Such factors include living or attending school in a particular area, educational or other disadvantages, and elite sporting. Adjustment factors support Avondale’s commitment to educating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Indigenous applicants who do not attain the minimum ATAR for entry into an undergraduate course at Avondale may gain admission with adjustment points.

We understand that some factors may have hindered your ATAR result. In certain circumstances, we use adjustment factors, which are additional points (formally referred to as bonus points) added to your ATAR to derive your selection rank for entry into your chosen course. The circumstances are:
Elite level sporting commitments
Indigenous applicants
You could receive up to 10 adjustment points where any of these factors apply to you.
Adjustment Factors →

Credit-based Pathways

If you have completed any tertiary studies, credit from those studies may make you eligible for entry into our higher education degrees. If not, you might consider applying for a course with a lower entry requirement.

For example, if you complete the Diploma of Business, it is then a direct entry into Bachelor of Business and also equivalent to the first year of the bachelor course so you are fast-tracked into your second year.

Early Entry

Early Entry is our early offer program that looks at the results you achieved in Year 11, along with your own unique skills, rather than your ATAR.

Am I eligible?

To be eligible for Early Entry in 2025, you must be:
Completing Year 12 in 2024; and
Eligible for a Higher School Certificate, International Baccalaureate, or an interstate equivalent from an Australian high school; and
Eligible for an ATAR; and
Able to demonstrate that you achieved an average percentage mark of no less than 70% (or a B-Grade average) across all subjects in Year 11.

How to apply

Simply provide evidence of your Year 11 final year results and upload them in your application. Submit your Early Entry application.
Early Entry →

Entrance Exams

uniTEST and Tertiary Online Writing Assessment (TOWA) are online tests and occur under exam conditions. The uniTEST and TOWA are open to applicants who haven’t met the entry requirements required to receive an offer for their preferred course at Avondale, including recent school leavers and mature-age applicants.
uniTEST and TOWA →
Avondale courses consider the STAT (Multiple Choice) administered by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), provided you obtained your STAT results within three years from admission.

Save $150 and register for a limited FREE uniTEST.

In just a few hours of your time and successful completion of the uniTEST and Tertiary Online Writing Assessment (TOWA), you may gain entry into your degree.

Let’s get you into your preferred uni course! 
Available for domestic and onshore international students.

UniPrep Program

Undergraduate Certificate in University Preparation (UGCUP)

A direct pathway to undergraduate studies at Avondale - you could start your degree after one semester and your completed units may apply as credit towards a degree.

Avondale is currently offering a full-fee scholarship covering three (3) nominated units for prospective students who do not meet the standard entry requirements for a bachelor’s degree. Successfully completing the three nominated units will qualify for entry to a bachelor’s degree.
UniPrep Program →

Outdoor Leadership

Pathway to Teaching

A direct pathway to undergraduate studies at Avondale. You could start your degree after one year.
Outdoor Leadership →
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