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uniTEST and TOWA

uniTEST is an exam-style test that assesses the generic reasoning and thinking skills that underpin higher education studies. The Tertiary Online Writing Assessment (TOWA) assesses written English skills. The uniTEST and TOWA entrance exams are administered through the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER).

Test Content

uniTEST is a multiple-choice test designed to assess quantitative, critical, and verbal and plausible reasoning. You have two and a half hours to complete ninety-five questions.

The TOWA aims to assess your ability to write effectively to two prompts, each addressing a distinct genre: Task A (Report) and Task B (Argument). Task A (Report) requires you to comprehend, select, organise and present a summary report based on facts, figures, and pictures shown in the stimulus. Task B (Argument) requires you to develop a point of view about an issue and structure a clear, coherent, and logical argument supporting that view. You have one hour for this test.

info Click on the relevant link for more information, including sample questions and information about how to prepare for your tests.



Who can sit the test?

The uniTEST and TOWA entrance exams are an ideal admission pathway if you:

  • Finished Year 12 within the last two years, completed the Higher School Certificate (or equivalent), but did not achieve the results required to gain direct entry; or
  • Do not have formal qualifications (HSC, TAFE, VET Certificates, or similar).
  • Students must be 18 years old before classes commence.

info Onshore international students are also eligible for the uniTEST and TOWA entrance exams.

Test Date and Venue

Our Student Administration Services team will contact you to arrange a test date at our Lake Macquarie or Sydney campuses.

If you cannot sit the test at either Avondale campus, you will need to arrange for someone to supervise you while you sit the exam. The supervisor should be a person holding a position of significant responsibility – i.e. employed at a university, school, government department, or similar institution.

The supervisor must:

  • Be willing to take overall responsibility for supervision of the tests;
  • Not engage in coaching you for the tests;
  • Not be closely related to you, nor be your current teacher;
  • Be willing to keep details of the test confidential before the examination;
  • Administer the test in strict accordance with the instructions provided by Avondale.

Avondale will liaise with your nominated supervisor concerning the date, time, and venue for sitting the uniTEST and TOWA entrance exams.


After completing the tests, you receive a score, which we use instead of your ATAR. The score you receive will either:

  • Give you direct or provisional entry* into your chosen degree; or
  • Give you direct or provisional entry into the Undergraduate Certificate in University Preparation (as a pathway to your chosen degree); or
  • Deem you are ineligible for admission, in which case, we will recommend that you study a VET course either at Avondale or at another registered RTO.

Avondale receives your test results from ACER and emails your results along with information detailing the next steps of your application. This process can take up to seven business days.

uniTEST Results
Test candidates receive a scale score (out of 100) for each of the three sections (quantitative reasoning, critical reasoning, verbal and plausible reasoning) and a total scale score and Australian percentile rank. The percentile rank indicates how you performed compared to other Australian candidates. For example, a total Australian percentile rank of 47 means that your total scale score is equal to or better than 47% of candidates. uniTEST results are valid for two years.

TOWA Results
There are two writing tasks, Task A (Report) and Task B (Argument), scored holistically. The argument task (Task B) is achieved analytically on language conventions.

How to Apply

Before you apply to sit the uniTEST and TOWA entrance exams, you must make an application to study at Avondale.

Apply now →

If you intend to sit the tests remotely, your nominated supervisor will be required to sign a Supervisor Agreement before we arrange a test date.

info SAS will provide you (and your supervisor, if applicable) with instructions before sitting the tests. If you do not adhere to the test instructions and fail to complete the tests, you will be required to pay AUD 25.00 for an additional login. Student Administration Services will contact you to arrange payment. You may also be required to finalise the tests at an alternative date and time.

Apply to Sit the uniTest and TOWA Test

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