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Specialise in Psychology, Counselling, and Chaplaincy

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Our Bachelor of Arts (Counselling) offers the opportunity to develop skills to support the mental health and wellbeing of others.
Choose from three specialisations: dual specialisation in Psychology and Counselling, Counselling with a major in Chaplaincy or Psychology, or Counselling with a minor in an elective area. 

If you want to study in small classes, with the opportunity to discuss content in depth with lecturers and to develop a worldview, you will benefit from this degree.


Avondale's Bachelor of Arts (Counselling) is a three-year degree designed to present counselling within a Christian worldview and to help you apply foundational counselling skills to support the mental health and wellbeing of others. The Bachelor of Arts (Counselling) gives you opportunities to integrate counselling skills with psychotherapeutic theories, develop an in-depth understanding of mental health and emotional disorders, and apply counselling skills to specific client groups.

The Bachelor of Arts (Counselling) provides broad preparation for future employment, as well as a sound basis for those wishing to pursue graduate diplomas and other postgraduate degrees.

Specialisations: Psychology and Counselling, Counselling Specialisation with a Chaplaincy or Psychology Major, or Counselling Specialisation with a minor in an elective study area. 
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Postgraduate & Research

Avondale also offers a range of leading edge postgraduate course and research options, including Graduate Diploma of Counselling and a Master of Arts (MA), as well as the internationally-recognised Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and Master of Philosophy (MPhil).
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Gain workplace counselling experience in your final year, to ensure you are work ready upon graduation.

Ryan's Story

"I love Avondale for the lecturers. They are genuinely good people that want to see you thrive" 

- Ryan, Bachelor of Arts (Counselling)
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