Under Australian Copyright Law, copyright covers more than just copying. It relates to the protection afforded to the creator of original works and also the way these works can be used by others. Students and staff members are likely to be both users and creators of copyrighted material.

There is no registration or cost involved in obtaining copyright protection for original works - protection is automatic for original works that are created in material form by:
  • Writing
  • Painting
  • Photographing
  • Recording on a disk, CD or hard drive etc.

It is not necessary for a work to include the copyright symbol for it to be protected. Generally owners of copyright have exclusive rights over their material in such areas as making copies, publishing, performing in public, making adaptations and communicating the work to the public by placing it online.

So that members of the public can have reasonable access to and use of copyrighted material, Australian Copyright legislation includes some sections which allow people other than the copyright owners to use certain portions of copyright material under certain conditions. In addition, Avondale University has agreements with a number of licensing bodies that allow for additional use.

Your Copyright Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of Avondale students and staff to make sure that any use they make of third party material complies with the legislation in all areas of College life:
  • Academic
  • Worship
  • Outreach
  • Social

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