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Request for Permission to use or print Avondale Copyrighted Material

Thank you for your interest in using work published by Avondale Academic Press and/or Avondale University administration, faculty and staff.

To protect copyright, we require a Permissions Request be completed, identifying the material you wish to use, and outlining its intended use. Certain stipulations and terms & conditions of use may apply.

Please bear in mind that the owner of a copyright work has the right to exclude any other person from reproducing, preparing derivative works, distributing, performing, displaying, or using the work covered by copyright for a specific period of time. Copyrighted work can be a literary work, musical work, dramatic work, pantomime, choreographic work, pictorial work, graphic work, sculptural work, motion picture, audiovisual work, sound recording, architectural work, mask works fixed in semiconductor chip products, or a computer program.

Requests will be dealt with in 5 working days.

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