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Our Purpose

Our Purpose

To transform lives through Christ-centred higher education.

The Way

We engage students in authentic, faith-based learning and discovery.

Our Impact

Empowering graduates and staff to serve their world for good.


Avondale’s core values of excellence, spirituality, wellbeing, integrity and service are foundational to who we are and how we treat others.

  • Excellence – Avondale promotes excellence in the higher education it offers and in the academic, spiritual and support services it provides.
  • Spirituality – Avondale respects the spiritual diversity of its community. It encourages the practice of the love, grace and compassion of Jesus; and provides opportunities for students and staff to develop a relationship with God through prayer, worship, fellowship, study of Scripture, Sabbath rest and service.
  • Wellbeing – Avondale encourages personal and community wellbeing by fostering intellectual development, cultural enrichment, spiritual development, an active lifestyle and environmental sustainability.
  • Integrity – Avondale believes that integrity and accountability are foundational to Christian life and to a healthy community. Avondale pledges to nurture academic integrity and professional ethics in its students and staff and to act transparently in all of its dealings.
  • Service – Avondale challenges its learning community to a more informed and responsive understanding of humanitarian needs and to a greater commitment to addressing the needs of those less fortunate and in want of care and support in Australia and overseas.


For a greater vision of world needs.”

Graduate Attributes

Higher Education Coursework Graduate Attributes

Avondale’s higher education coursework graduates have demonstrated:

Graduate AttributesAvondale Values
1. The capacity to reflect deeply on Christian values;Spirituality
2. An orientation to service;Wellbeing
3. The capacity to respond ethically and morally in various situations and contexts;Spirituality
4. An informed respect for individual worth, cultural and social diversity, and environmental sustainability;Spirituality
5. A capacity to lead in professional and community contexts;Excellence
6. Relevant professional employability skills and literacies;Excellence
7. Critically-informed professional practice;Excellence
8. A capacity for reflective and research-informed life-long learning.Excellence

HDR graduates have demonstrated the above attributes and, in addition, have command of a subject of specialised knowledge with high levels of autonomy and research sophistication.

Higher education coursework graduate attributes approved by Academic Board 26 April 2021

Vocational Education and Training Graduate Attributes

Avondale’s vocational education and training graduates have demonstrated:

Graduate Attributes
1. The ability to reflect constructively on Christian values;
2. An orientation to service;
3. The capacity to respond ethically and legally in various situations and contexts;
4. An informed respect for individual worth, cultural and social diversity, and environmental sustainability;
5. The facility to lead and/or to work collaboratively in professional and community contexts;
6. Relevant professional employability skills and literacies;
7. The aptitude for informed skilled work or paraprofessional practice;
8. A capacity for reflective and workplace-informed life-long learning.

Vocational education and training graduate attributes approved by Academic Board 04 December 2017

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