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Vocational Education & Training
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Vocational Education and Training Courses

Whether you are looking to up-skill, re-skill or simply broaden knowledge, Avon dale enables people to reach their potential through providing industry relevant training and practical skills in a supportive learning environment. Offering a sought-after learning experience our nationally recognized courses could help you launch, change or accelerate your career.

Professional Development and Short Courses

Delivered by experienced professionals, Avondale University’s Professional Development and Short courses are designed to provide practical skill and relevant knowledge.

Professional Development courses cover a variety of fields including business, education, leadership, health ministry and more.

Short courses delivered at Avondale allow individuals to learn new skills, gain recognition for skills (selected courses) or simply to do something that you have always wanted to do.

Avondale’s vocational, professional development and short courses provide a supportive learning environment for individuals who wish to create, enhance or further develop their career.

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