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Specialise in Chaplaincy, Communication, English, History, Music, Visual Arts, Geography, Marketing and more.

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Our Bachelor of Arts offers the opportunity to explore a range of areas that help you understand society and your role in it. You will develop the ability to problem solve, research, analyse and think critically—skills employers value.
Build your degree from units in Chaplaincy, Communication, English, History, Music, Visual Arts, Marketing, Geography, and more, so you can shape your degree around an area that interests you. If you want to study in small classes, with the opportunity to discuss content in depth with lecturers and to develop a worldview, you will benefit from this degree.


Avondale's Bachelor of Arts (BA) is a three-year degree designed to present arts disciplines within a Christian worldview and to help you understand society and your role in it. The Bachelor of Arts gives you opportunities to develop your abilities in problem recognition and solving, research skills, analysis, synthesis and creativity, critical and reflective thinking, and written and non-verbal communication.

Avondale's Bachelor of Arts provides broad preparation for future employment, as well as a sound basis for those wishing to pursue graduate diplomas and other postgraduate degrees.

Specialisations (10-14 units): Music

Majors* (8 units): Biological Science, Chaplaincy, Chemistry, Communication, English, Food & Nutrition, History, Mathematics, Music, Religious Studies, Visual Arts

Minors* (4 units): Biological Science, Chemistry, Communication, English, Food & Nutrition, Geography, History, Mathematics, Music, Religious Studies, Visual Arts

*Or select strands from Business, Science and Mathematics, and Ministry and Theology

Combined degrees are another exciting and popular option. In four years of full-time study at Avondale, you can combine an Arts degree with a Bachelor of Teaching.
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Postgraduate & Research

Avondale also offers a range of leading edge postgraduate course and research options, including the internationally-recognised Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and Master of Philosophy (MPhil).
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Want to study music?

Avondale Conservatorium→ 

Explore your creative skills and critical thinking, inspired by passionate lecturers in their field.

Bailee's Story

"I love studying here for the close community of students and lecturers. You get to know students and lecturers well within your course, and it creates a really special and dynamic learning environment." 

- Bailee, Bachelor of Arts
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