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Student Employment

Whilst studying at Avondale, opportunities exists for students to be employed on a casual basis in the areas of Catering, Cleaning, Library, Maintenance, Marketing and a range of other areas. Attractive casual rates of pay will apply. Students may choose to use these payments to assist in meeting any living costs they may incur whilst studying or living on campus.

Casual Employment Service

The Student Services team coordinates employment opportunities on and around campus. Departments offering employment include:

  • Cleaning – offices, residences, kitchen
  • Campus Maintenance – grounds support, physical odd-jobs
  • Marketing Services – attending expos, schools visits, office work
  • Student Services – Auditorium assistant
  • Kitchen – food preparation, cleaning
  • Residences – Residence Assistants, reception, cleaning
  • Bookshop – customer service, delivery liaison
  • Business office – mail run
  • Science Department – lab supervision
  • IT – lab assistant
  • Library – library assistant.

Employment and internship opportunities are advertised on the Adventist Employment website.

International students:
Did you know that if you hold a student visa, you are allowed to work part-time for a maximum of 40 hours a fortnight during semester and unlimited hours during semester breaks?
For more information, visit

Careers Support

On-campus careers expo

Avondale’s annual on-campus careers expo gives students the opportunity to explore career options, further study options and meet potential employers.

On-campus interviews

In your final year of study, you can participate in interviews that take place on campus with key industry players and Adventist Employment.

For more information on any of these services, please contact Student Services at [email protected]

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Please note, students on intermission are not eligible.

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