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Research and Innovation

Avondale University has grown into a proven leader in research and innovation, with an impressive 60% grant approval rate. Scholars undertaking research at Avondale will benefit from the close-knit environment and the opportunity to form lasting relationships with colleagues and lecturers.
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Rub shoulders with leaders in creative thought and innovation in a supportive academic environment. Whether you’re looking to broaden your horizons through a masters degree, sharpen your skill set with a Graduate diploma or undertake leading edge research, Avondale has something for every scholar looking to shape their own future.

Coursework Degrees

Avondale offers a wide range of postgraduate coursework, including graduate diplomas, graduate certificates and masters degrees.
After you complete an undergraduate degree, you can undertake postgraduate study. Postgraduate coursework degrees deliver content through a set unit program, similar to a Bachelor's degree, but at a more advanced level. Postgraduate coursework study allows you to deepen your knowledge within a particular study area or pursue study at an advanced level. These courses include Graduate Certificates, Graduate Diplomas, and Master's degrees.

Nursing & Health

Graduate Certificate in Nursing
Master of Nursing
Graduate Certificate of Lifestyle Medicine
Graduate Diploma of Lifestyle Medicine
Master of Lifestyle Medicine

Education & Science

Master of Teaching (Primary)
Master of Teaching (Secondary)
Graduate Certificate in Educational Studies
Master of Education

Arts & Business

Graduate Certificate in Counselling
Graduate Diploma in Counselling
Graduate Certificate of Leadership & Management
Graduate Diploma of Leadership & Management
Master of Business Administration

Ministry & Theology

Master of Ministry
Graduate Certificate in Arts
Master of Arts

Higher Degrees by Research

Postgraduate research programs (also known as Higher Degree Research) allow you to develop knowledge and experience within your field by completing a significant research project under the supervision of an academic. These courses include Masters of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).
Master of Philosophy
Doctor of Philosophy

Broaden your horizons with leading edge postgraduate coursework and research, guided by leaders in their field.

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