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Our student associations exist as student representative committees. They are here to make sure everyone has a fulfilling Avondale experience and to be the student voice.

Avondale Student Association (ASA)

The ASA is made up of several sub-committees: Social, SALT Ministries, Communications and Publications (VOICE magazine and Jacaranda yearbook). The association is led by the ASA Student President and Vice-President and is primarily active on the Lake Macquarie Campus.
For information about campus life and events, follow Avondale Student Life on Instagram.

Avondale Nursing Student Association (ANSA)

The ANSA is the Sydney Campus chapter of the Student Association. They allow the nursing student body to have input into the running of student life. The association is led by the Nursing Student President. For information about Sydney Campus life follow Avondale Nurses on Instagram.

Here to Help

The student associations are always looking for volunteers with a ‘here to help’ attitude. Volunteering is a great way to engage with the local Avondale Uni community, as well benefit yourself on a personal and professional level. Employers love seeing extracurricular activities on your CV so why not volunteer to advance your interpersonal skills, build initiative, communicate effectively within a team, show drive, and improve your leadership abilities.

Make the most of your Avondale experience and get involved!

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Lake Macquarie: [email protected]
Sydney: [email protected]

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