Music at Avondale

The Conservatorium at Avondale places a strong emphasis on wholistic music education. Avondale’s music program is tailored to individual students’ needs. Music students have privileged access to 1:1 tuition with outstanding musical mentors and the opportunity to immerse themselves in solo performance, ensemble performance, musicianship, conducting, improvisation, music history, harmony, keyboard skills, ethnomusicology, music technology, Australian contemporary music and composition. All of our staff are highly experienced in a range of educational settings, and are engaged with the music industry as performing artists, musical directors, and media professionals. With small class sizes, highly qualified lecturers and visiting professional musicians, we offer students an outstanding opportunity to develop their understanding and their love for music, preparing them for a future beyond their degree –whether it be in postgraduate music study, as a music educator or as a performing musician.

Why study with us?

- Weekly one-on-one lessons
- Aural Musicianship
- Harmony and Composition
- History and Musicology
- Independent Research Elective Opportunities
- Various Ensemble Options (Including Vocal, String, Wind, Guitar, and Jazz Ensembles)
- Plus: Conducting, Improvisation Classes, Keyboard Skills, and Music Technology


Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary)
Major in music in Avondale’s Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Teaching, a 4-year double degree with career opportunities such as: specialist music teacher in primary or secondary schools, music tutor and/or lecturer.

Bachelor of Arts (Music)
Major in music in Avondale’s Bachelor of Arts, a 3-year degree with career opportunities such as: music performer, concert agent and/or manager, music tutor and/or lecturer, music critic/reviewer, music administrator, and music researcher.

Apply for Mid-Year Entry

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