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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re thinking of studying music through Avondale Conservatorium, the following FAQs provide useful information about the specific entry requirements and the audition process.

I’ve been playing music for a while, but I don’t have formal qualifications. What do I do?

The required standards and/or qualifications are important for ensuring students will be adequately prepared to maximise their learning experience through Avondale Conservatorium. You can prepare your theory/musicianship standard by working your way through the AMEB Music Craft series.

The Music Craft syllabus is preferred by Avondale Conservatorium as it aligns more closely to the nomenclature used in higher music education. You can order the Music Craft Student Workbooks 2A and 2B through the AMEB music website: These books are also available for purchase at the Avondale campus book store or accessed through Avondale campus library. You can sit the exam for AMEB Music Craft Grade 2 online. The pass mark is 65%. The following link will direct you how to register, practice and sit the online exam

If you don’t think you have the required performance standard or performance certificates you are strongly recommended to seek the assistance of an instrumental or vocal tutor who can guide your development and preparation for an audition.  Please also speak to the Director of Music as exceptions can be made if your performance audition is at a suitable standard without the performance certificate.

I have my performance certificate, but I don’t have the theory qualifications (or vice versa). Can I still enrol?

In cases where students are missing either performance or musicianship / theory skills, but meet the requirements for the other, they may be permitted to enrol in one area (and not the other) for that semester or year. Students would be expected to make up the required skills during the semester or year before enrolling in the other area. This is negotiated individually and is at the discretion of the Director of Music.

What do I need to know about the live audition?

Attend a live audition (face-to-face or online) for your instrument/voice OR submit a digital recording/link of a live performance recording. Please prepare a short performance program of repertoire that demonstrates three contrasting styles/genres (at least one piece should be in the  western art music style).

Applicants who elect to do the live audition will be contacted with an audition date and time. If a piano accompanist is required for a live audition, you may bring your own private accompanist or you may arrange to use an Avondale Conservatorium accompanist for a fee. In the case of the latter, piano scores need to be submitted at least 2 weeks before the live audition date.

In some cases, further performance preparation with a professional instrumental or vocal tutor may be recommended before applicants are offered a place to study MUSC11103 Solo Performance 1 through Avondale Conservatorium.

I am unable to attend a live audition because I live overseas, interstate, or too far away.

Can I submit a DVD recording or send a link to a digital platform (eg. youtube / dropbox / google drive etc) as a substitute for a live audition? Yes, you may submit a DVD recording or digital platform link if you are unable to attend a live audition.

Can I just send in a CD/audio file for my audition?

No, audition recordings being sent in must be an audio and video recording of you performing on your instrument / voice.

Can I send in a video recording from a recent performance?

Yes, you may send us an audio/video recording of a recent performance eg. HSC music performance exams, AMEB performance exams, public performances in recitals, concerts, festivals, shows, church worship etc. These are all excellent ways to provide easy evidence of your performance abilities.

I am worried about the musicianship & theory evaluation. Can you explain more?

If you have already attained the minimum level of theory / musicianship you should not have any problem with the evaluation. The Theory part is a visual evaluation of your knowledge and understanding of key signatures, time signatures, scales, intervals, chords, harmonic progressions and analysis of scores. The Musicianship part is an aural evaluation of your knowledge and understanding of scales, intervals, chords, form and analysis of scores. If you want to be really well prepared for the evaluation then work your way up through the music craft workbooks until you get to the end of level 2B workbook and sit the online exam. Most applicants say these workbooks are extremely helpful in preparing for the evaluation.

I’ve missed the closing date for music applications, can I still audition?

Yes, you can send us a digital recording/link or you may be able to audition on Orientation Day, provided that the rest of your application is in order. Contact the Music Administrator to discuss.

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