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Power to think and do: it’s a gift from the Creator. Seventh-day Adventist Church pioneer Ellen White makes the statement to encourage exploration and engagement (Education, p. 17). Giving to Avondale Conservatorium through its Think&Do campaign demonstrates your support for her philosophy. Journey with us as we accept the challenge of educating leaders, of developing quality infrastructure and of fostering creativity. And as we use this knowledge and these resources to improve lives.

Educating Leaders

Giving to scholarships supports students who within the context of Avondale’s values demonstrate academic achievement, leadership and commitment to research or service.

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Developing Quality Infrastructure

Giving to capital works projects helps maintain, improve or restore our historical capital assets and develop new assets, which provides the best possible facilities for our staff members and students.

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Fostering Creativity

Giving to arts projects ensures the sustainability, maintains the quality and increases the diversity of our ensemble music.

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Leaving A Legacy

Leave a legacy of your contribution to Avondale by purchasing an alumni paver or plaque or giving a bequest, an endowment or a gift-in-kind.

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